Saturday, August 2, 2008

When you pray tonight....

When you say your prayers tonight make sure you say a prayer for the ABBOTT FAMILY. Their little girl was struck by a large beam and has been in the PICU for almost a week. It is heartbreaking to hear what they are going through. There is a lot of information but start down at the bottom of the page and read up. My heart is filled with compassion and my eyes with tears. They have an account set up where you can send money if you want to help with bills. Most of all though they need your prayers. I pray for this family all throughout the day and Thank the Lord that nothing like this has happened to my sweet little ones.
May the Lord bless all your families with health.


Fire -n- Ice said...

Thank you for thinking of them in their time of need. I thought about putting something on my blog, but almost everyone that reads my blog knows who they are and look at the website almost as much as I do. They are truly an amazing family and are strengthening my faith every day as I read their posts. I hope it does the same for everyone else!

Emily said...

Oh man.... That is heart wrenching. Their faith is amazing and inspirational. Thanks for sharing this. We will keep them in our prayers for sure!

Love you tons, Em