Friday, September 12, 2008

Birthday Bash

We are headed out of town but I wanted to post some pics of Kevin's birthday party, before we go!

So we had a Pool Party planned but just a couple hours (the entire day had been warm and beautiful) before the party a storm blows in. We kept hoping it would blow by just as fast, but it didn't. We held out hope until the very last moment that the lightening would stop, but it didn't.
So everyone headed to our (not clean) house and we improvised a party. We had "trash bag races" that didn't go over very well. We colored on paper then Uncle Nate, Grandpa and Daddy folded them into airplanes and we flew them, that didn't go very well either because the kids who got Grandpa's flew better and made other jealous! We also had a water balloon toss, but that ended really fast. So we moved on.
Everyone colored a birthday greeting for Kevin on our back porch with chalk. I think that was enjoyed the most.
Since we were supposed to be at the pool I didn't want to keep ice cream frozen and thought fruit would go better with swimming. So Nick cut up Watermelon and we stacked it like a cake then put slices of Kiwi, and banana on top of that, Melon squares and marchino cherries. And ofcourse sprinkles to top it off.
I think it turned out really cute and Kevin loved it (so did everyone else I think, except Nate, he wanted real cake and ice cream!)
Kevin was really good at blowing out the candles and loved tearing open the gifts. He loved yelling out what it was (when he knew)
With most of the gifts I had to tempt him back onto the chair to open another gift because he wanted to play with the one he had just opened.
Thank you soooo much Grandma, Grandpa Jones (and Auntie Jenna) for the Climber/slide. Kevin is in LOVE with it and plays on it almost all day long.
Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Castle for the wagon!! Kevin loves going for rides in the afternoon in it and loves that I keep it in his room so he can "ride" in it all day.
Thank you everyone for coming and for the gifts. Kevin has played with all of them several times. Our biggest issue right now is trying to figure out WHICH one to play with at any given moment.
Even though we were rained out I think the party was a success. You don't need much more than Family and and occasion to have a great time!


Fire -n- Ice said...

The party was a success! And we liked the watermelon cake. I think it was very cute and Nate got over not getting cake. You did very well improvising. Great fun!

Greg and Mel said...

Hey, this is mel :) I love the idea of a fruit cake! That is so clever and perfect for summer!!

Emily said...

Getting rained/lightening-ed out of the pool happens to the best of us! :)

So sorry we missed the big shin-dig! Happy Happy Birthday to that sweet Kevin boy!

That watermelon cake is PERFECT!

It was so much fun spending the weekend with you guys!

Love you tons, Em