Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I'm not a very fast runner.....

I'm actually not even a slow runner. I'm not a runner at all! And now that I have had 2 children, don't do any kind of dancing/moving and have put on 15 pounds!! I look more like one of the dancing hippos off of Fantasia, just not as graceful!

Why am I talking about running? Because I just got tagged!
I always seem to get tagged!!
It's not a bad thing. I like 'having' to post about things I probably wouldn't have if I didn't get tagged. So Thank you Meka, here are the rules.

Mom Castle, Moki, Kelli and Emily

Get a camera (right now) and take pictures of the below listed things in your house as they are currently. No cleaning allowed!
(especially you mom and moki)
1. The Kitchen Sink
Okay so mine was to the top with dishes but my Mom came to exercise before I could take pictures and then washed 'em. Thanx Mom!

2. The Refrigerator
Okay we don't drink a lot of soda. I don't drink it at all. The 2 six packs at the bottom of the door are OLD! The Jones glass bottles are a little over 2 years old and the Apple Beer is a month old.

3. The Bathroom

I have two choices in this area but the boys bathroom is a lot cuter than the master one. And since Nick is usually asleep in our room, I have all my stuff in and get ready everyday in this one. Thank you Mom for getting your Favorite Third Child the cutest Monkey Bathroom ever (hehehe)

4. Self Portrait.

Okay so I tried to smile but it's hard taking a picture of yourself! There isn't anyone to look at and picture naked to make me smile! Also, I kept pushing the button too early and getting my "concentrating on taking a picture" face. I couldn't figure out which one was best so you can decide!

Note: My hair and make-up people did not show up, so these pictures are without either being done. How's that for 'As Is'?

5. My favorite room

I would have to say my living room. It's beautiful, it's big, and that's where all of us spend the most time together.

6. A Closet

I had four choices this time but decided to show you my Craft Room Closet. It is by far the biggest mess and the most full. The sad thing is.....I only have about 1/3 of my crafts in the closet. The rest are all over the rest of the room.

7. My Favorite Shoes
Everyone seems to have a favorite pair of shoes? Like a favorite color, meal or animal. I have never preferred one shoe over the other, I just pick the one that is usually the closest. I may have gotten my "lack of shoe adoration" from not wearing any until I was 12. Or it could be because no shoe manufacturer makes a shoe in size 4 wide. Either way, I would have to say my "favorite" shoe would be a flip flop because my feet can happily hang over the sides without constraint.

8. My Kids

I have a confession. My kids were not together like this when I went to take the picture. I made Kevin stand by Wyatt. There I've said it. I feel better.

9. The Laundry Room

This is the clean half of my laundry room. The other half is covered in "clean" clothes and misc things to go out to the garage.

10. Dream Vacation

Most people say "Paris, Alaska, A Cruise, Hawaii" I say A really cool suite with a BIG BED and room service. I don't care where the room is, as long as someone brings me food and let's me sleep. Aaaaaahhhhhhh.........The dreams!

So there you have it. 10 'As Is' pictures of my house and the 'more than you wanted to know' explanations to go with 'em!

Now it's Mom Castle, Moki, Kelli and Emilys turn!!

Ready, Set, GO!


The Comeau Family said...

Yeah! When I saw this tag going around I was hoping someone would choose you. I have been dying to see your house!

Greg and Mel said...

I love the color of your walls!! I do have to agree that a big comfy bed and room services would be very nice right about now!!

The Castle Carriage said...

Now go change my music to camelot or something. Love Mom

Meka said...

I really need to come see you, your babies and house before we move back to Vegas. Your home looks beautiful! I love your tall kitchen cabinets and the paint. I also think we might have the same kitchen table! I will call your sometime to invite myself over hehe.

The Castle Carriage said...

I love your new wallpaper designs etc. You have gotten so good with your blog stuf that you have now won the grand prize of fixing our holiday windows web site. You're it, Tag Lady. Love Mom

Emily said...

Bun, Bun, Bun...

Your blog is amazing!!!

And I am totally cheating on this tag stuff. I will hopefully get to it later...I might be disqualified though?! Cheater Cheater pants on fire...that's me.

Justification: I would have done it right away, but I have been moving and stuff and blah blah blah blah!

BUt YOUR TAG WAS insanely funny!
I LOVED the self portraits of you! You and your brother can make similar funny faces...you should be honored! :)

Love you tons, Em

Bonnie Walker said...

I didn't know you went the spanish branch but I was glad to see you there, please help Cinn with all those babies, she is so overwhelmed! Sage is kind of a fussy baby and she is always having to take her out. Your baby is adorable. I should have helped Kevin sooner! The choir sounded great.