Sunday, September 7, 2008

Our BIG Boy!!

Pics of Kevin Oct. '07-Sep. '08
I can't even believe that Kevin is already 2 years old. I get choked up just saying (or typing) it. He is such a joy in our lives. He is always making us laugh (or pull our hair out) and gives endless hugs, kisses and smiles. Kevin always wants to snuggle and like a dork most of the time I don't "have time" so I tell him no. But when I look back at pictures and see how fast he is growing up I re-commit myself to dropping everything and holding him when he needs it. I look at other people who are sending their children to "first day of school" and I don't ever want to do that. I'm not ready for Kevin to be that big and I know it will come sooner than I am ready for. So I am going to enjoy all the moments, take tons of pictures and lots of video so I can re-live the "good 'ol days" when he is off into the world and no longer needs to snuggle with his Mommy. Now I AM crying, so I'll move on.....

Here is a picture of our grown up boy! We dressed him for church today in his new shirt, pants and shoes (thanx Auntie Moki) and he just isn't a baby anymore. He is a little man. The scripture case holds his toys he takes to church!
We are having Kevin's Birthday Party tomorrow, but I wanted to celebrate his "Birthday" so we bought a little cake at Lin's and Wyatt, Daddy and I sang Happy Birthday to him and he blew out the "Candles". I don't have candles and forgot to buy some so we lit matches!!
Last year, Daddy spent hours decorating a cop car cake, just for Kevin, for his birthday. He wanted nothing to do with it at first, but kind of warmed up to it after some prodding. He only took a couple bites. He mostly just smeared it around. He had NO problem digging right into this one and ate a good portion of it.
It was a Red Velvet cake which I have no idea what that means and it had 2 rose buds on top. Nick loved how it tasted (he ate what Kevin didn't) I didn't like the taste very much.
Kevin gave me a big "cheese" when he was done and asked to get down so he could watch Tarzan (his new favorite movie) I can't even describe how much I love this little boy but I know you all know the feeling!

Here is a video of Kevin eating his cake and at the end he tells me how old he is. We practised this morning. He can't do it on his own but he does it with a little prompting. He also can't hold up just two fingers so he holds up all five and just crosses his two fingers. I think it's adorable!! Sorry I don't have video of him blowing out his candles I was a dork and forgot to push record. We have it recorded on our "real" camera, just not our digital one. The flashes are me taking pictures (of course) And for all you die hard Photo Fans (thanx Em) I'm sorry none of these pics are fancy!!

Happy Birthday Booger!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little (2 year old) boy I know! I know those 'growing up to fast' feelings well. But, like you said, enjoy them every moment....snuggle them tons...and take lots of pictures! The memories can last forever!!

Love you all, Em

PS. I think your pictures are always the way!!

The Comeau Family said...

Happy Birthday Kevin!! Kevin is a crack up. I think we need to come see him again. And about the carrier. It is a Baby Bjorn. I actually bought it on eBay for $15. You can get brand new ones with all the bells and whistles for $120 in stores. I am a cheapie though so I bought one that was one model older and just watched eBay like crazy till I found one in my price range. I LOVE eBAY!

Fire -n- Ice said...

Happy Birthday cute kid! Glad to see he enjoyed his cake. We love you Kevin!

The Castle Carriage said...

Before you know it your baby will be 18 falling in love with their first real date and getting married before you know it, so take the time to just enjoy. 2 years is the very funnest of ages if you have time. If you are busy.............well that is were the "terrible two's" saying came from. Cute blog. Love Mom

P.S. Thanks for the fun stuff on my blog, you're the best.