Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Random Facts

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Okay so I was tagged by my Great friend Ashley last week to post 5 Random facts about myself. So here it goes.

1. I am OCD. Once I have done something the same way 2 times I have to continue doing it that way. I have to sit in the same seat (one time in seminary someone was in my seat and I almost walked out because I couldn't think of where to sit), I drive the same route to places, sign love notes the same, park in the same spot, order the same thing eat, Shower in a certain order, etc...etc... I get stuck doing the same thing over and over and have to force myself to do it different just to prove I can.

2. I would love to learn how to Yodel. I think it is an amazing talent. I love listening to yodeling and would love to have that kind of control over my voice. When I am alone (or just with my boys) I pretend like I can Yodel. I even do a funny Yodeling dance to make me feel like a professional Yodeler.

3. I am in LOVE with jewelry. I never cared for it when I was younger, but as soon as I got married I love having different jewelry to match different outfits. I feel so much more dressed up and "older" when I wear nice matching jewelry.

4. I secretly love to cook. That doesn't mean I CAN cook, just that I love looking for new (simple) recipes and making a nice meal. I hate to bake though. Baking sucks!

5. I am addicted to Halo 3. I started playing just so I could spend time with my husband and now I make him play with me ALL THE TIME!!! I've tried denying it for a long time but when you go to a family get together with people you haven't seen for awhile and you choose to play Halo downstairs with the guys instead of visiting with your cousin girlfriends, you just have to admit it!

Well there you have it. 5 Random facts about me. It took me a long time to think of them because everyone pretty much knows everything about me, except for some personal things that are a little too personal to be putting on my blog !!!!!


Emily said...

I'm so excited to try out diapers.com! It would be wonderful if I could just get all my shopping needs delivered to my front door so I wouldn't have to set foot in a Wal-mart ever again!

I love the random facts about you! I also would love to learn to yodel. In fact, I have even looked into buying the cd's that help teach you! The only problem is...I can't even sing. But YOU....you're a professional. I say you do it!!
Because then you can yodel for us all! I will never do it in front of people, unless it is for 'funny' purposes only....therefore, I will never be blessed with the talent! :)

love you, Em

Fire -n- Ice said...

I think it is funny how late you stayed up. When I went to bed, you were playing Halo! That was about 3 hours before you posted this. :0)

It was fun to learn little tid-bits about you! Thanks for sharing.

The Castle Carriage said...

You are very like your Father in doing things the same way. He is such a creature of habit. He always takes the same amount of time to shower even when he says he is taking a quick shower. He gets ready for work in the morning with the same exact routine every time. I am trying to think of some better examples and can't think. I am trying to do something different than playing Bespelled while I do the rebuilder on my feet twice a day so that I can get over my addition before I don't have to soak my feet any more. And I always wanted to whistle like my Grandma Met, because she whistled so pretty. I love to cook, not so much with jewelry. So maybe you are a combination of both of your parents. Love you Mom

Moki said...

ps I need a new September backdrop! (My birthday month and such!) Thanks

Fire -n- Ice said...

Hey! First off... I LOVE your new header. Did you do that? Because I might just have to hire you! :0) I also wanted to tell you. I went to diapers.com the diapers look like a great deal, but pull-ups are cheaper at wal-mart. I think it's $4 cheaper at the Mesquite one, but you do get your $10 coupon the first time on the website. I didn't know when you were going to start putting Kevin in pull-ups, if ever, so I thought I would give you a little warning.