Saturday, September 6, 2008

Utah Vacation

Mom, Kevin, Wyatt and I headed up to Utah this last weekend for Addison's Blessing. We left at nap time so that we could drive while the kids slept, without having to stop. Well after I stopped in Mesquite for food and Mom stopped in St. George for stuff and neither of the boys had slept, the driving non-stop plan was way out the window. We made it to Nephi before protesting started arising from the backseat.
So we found a park and hopped out. Mom and I took turns feeding Wyatt and chasing Kevin. After we had been there for a couple minutes a small family showed up. There was a little girl who was only a week younger than Kevin. She was a doll and in LOVE with Kevin!
She laid at the bottom of this curly slide and Kevin climbed up and laid next to her for a couple seconds. He then hopped down and just stared at her like

"now what should we go do?"

Her brother, seeing the empty space, hopped up and laid by his sister. She gave him a nice smile then turned and kicked him off the slide. She then gave Kevin her best smile and patted the slide next to her. It was sooo funny!!!

Addison is an adorable little girl. She is only 4 weeks younger than Wyatt but she is just soo tiny compared to him. She is the first girl in 6 years to be blessed in the Hand Crochet Blessing Dress my Grandma Mac made. She looked just like an angel. The blessing was done in Courtney's (the mom) Grandpa's backyard. It was a gorgeous backyard.

After the blessing we ate then went for a swim in the pool. The pool was REALLY warm, but the kids seemed to love it. Kevin thinks he is a big boy swimmer and doesn't need help. I however think that he isn't 2 yet and needs Mommy to stay right next to him. Neither Grandma or I brought our swimsuits because everyone else said they weren't going to swim, so we sat on the edge of the pool and kevin swam around our legs. We both ended up soaked and might as well have jumped in!

Cory and Courtney took Addy into the pool. She made a little cry in the beginning, but the water was so warm I think she really ended up liking it. Cory and Courtney are sooo in love with Addy. Cory is VERY protective and they both are so adorable to watch, when they are watching Addy.
We had soo much fun in SLC. It was great to see everyone, talk, hangout and just be with family. We stopped by Christopher and Lauren's new house before we went out of town and it is beautiful. Her and I like the same colors. We have a very similar color scheme, hers is just opposite of mine, light on walls, dark accents. We're thinking about crashing there sometime now that they have room!
On our way home we had a little more success with the "drive while they sleep" and made it to Parowan before protest started again from the backseat. We found another park and hopped out to play. Mom and Wyatt immediately hopped back IN the car because it was too COLD!!! It was like 3 or 4 in the afternoon and it was really chilly. Kevin and I braved the cold weather (no jackets) because we didn't want to just sit in the car.
I was really glad that Kevin can't read yet because there was horrible stuff written all over the play set. The sad thing is, is that the wording and handwriting looked like it was written by the age of kids that actually play on the play set!! Kids are growing up too fast now-a-days and are getting way to mouthy and vulgar!!!
When we got back in the car and started driving these dark clouds were all around us. All of the sudden Mom said "Look"....and I looked.....(he he he) and there was this Pure white cloud sticking out from behind the dark ones. It was so beautiful. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it gives you an idea.

One last thing to end my very long post. While I was up in SLC my Beautician (Cousin) in training practised on my hair. I can't take a picture of the back because any picture I want of me I have to do myself and I can't reach!!! But it's a really cute A-line (or is that a dress?) that goes long in front to short in the back. Now I just have to buy a Blow Dryer, Round brush, a Flat Iron and the goopie stuff that goes in your hair to even be able to DO my hair!! Thanx Kari! Nick loves it!!


Fire -n- Ice said...

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun. Your hair is VERY cute. It doesn't seem like your cousin in training really needs much more training. She did a very good job. Super Cute!

Emily said...

HOoRaY for the travelogue! Looks like everyone had a good time! Cory & Courtney's baby is sooooo cute! I also love your new hair and your beautiful straight smile! :)

Love, Em

PS. Your pictures are usual!

The Castle Carriage said...

That was a fun trip and nice to get out of the heat if just for a couple days. You're hair is cute any way you wear it, but it fun to have something new. Thanks for going with me Bunny, or letting me go with you? Love Mom