Monday, October 13, 2008

Baldy Bash 2008

First of all we just want to say Thank You to everyone who donated! Nick raised $350. He was hoping for more but we are happy with the amount he was able to present.
We had never heard of the Baldy Bash and didn't exactly know what to expect. It was at the Hard rock casino and it was a blast. They had an amazing Balloon woman there that did the coolest things with balloons. She made Kevin this really cute Elmo! There was also this woman playing the Harp as background music. It was soo beautiful.
After about 20-30 minutes of eating, visiting and checking in all the "baldys" lined up and 5 at a time went on stage and got their heads buzzed as short as they could go.
Only 1 woman did it this year. They cut 12 inches off in a ponytail that she donated to Locks of Love and then the rest came off. Nick didn't have much to cut off, but he sure did look different.
When he came down off stage he said it felt really weird but it was a lot cooler. They gave prizes to the top three baldys:

3rd: $980

2nd: $1025

1st: $3400

Nick is determined that he will be first place next year (so start saving) In all they were able to collect $31,806.00. We were so happy to be a part of raising that money and helping those children.

They also had men who are serving over seas do their own "Baldy Bash". They sent the money they earned and pictures of them going "bald" There were also 2 Canadian police and 3 Canadian corrections officers there.
Look at that SHINE!
While everyone was going "bald" they had a raffle. You could by 1 ticket for $1 or 25 for $20. Mom and Dad bought 25 and Nick and I bought 5, but were given 10 more for being a "baldy". Well the one I really wanted passed us by and I thought "we never win these things" Then all of the sudden Mom was up from the table and getting a basket. It was the other one I really wanted. A trip for 2 on a boat tour of lake mead with Dinner! Mom and Dad also won a prize. 2 tickets to Nascar and the upcoming hockey game. It was fun!
Here are most of the Baldys. A lot of the firemen had to leave and several police officers left. Nick is fourth from the right in the second row. Right behind the black and white striped shirt in front.
We had soo much fun and Nick has vowed to do it every year from now on! Thank you again. We love you and appreciate your support.

Thank you

Mom and Dad Jones

Mom and Dad Castle

Grandma and Grandpa Reynolds

Grandma Mac

Moki and Arthur

Ashley and Benji

and the businesses and Nick's co-workers.

(there was 1 more online order but I didn't get an e-mail saying who it was, so thank you also)


Rhude Girls said...

I am so sorry that I forgot to donate...caught up in my own surgies and junk. I will double my donation next year. Good for you Nick for doing something fun and worthwhile. Tom would love to have his head shaved!!! But I don't really care for the look :~)

The Castle Carriage said...

It was a fun day and the cookies at the buffett provided were delicious! Thanks for letting us go with you. We were proud to with one of the baldies. Proud of you Nick.

Emily said...

Wow Nick, that's pretty short! :) Good job! You guys are awesome!!

Have a fun trip on Lake Mead Bun! At least you can rest easy...I don't think the lake has S.H.A.R.K.S!? :)