Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cleaning up.

Dad Jones is in Wyoming for a couple weeks so Mom Jones got a huge orange dumpster and asked Nick and Nate if they would clean up the back yard! It's an accumulation of 19 years of collecting. Most of the stuff in this corner was here before they even moved in.

The task looked like way too much work to me, so I let Nick and Nate do the majority of the work. I lifted a couple things here and there and then took pictures.

I know Nate's clothing is deceiving but it was Freezing cold outside!!! Once you, I mean they, got working it warmed up but if you, I mean I, just stood there it was COLD!
Nick borrowed a little tractor from some friends and it was a big help. I think Nick and Nate mostly enjoyed riding and playing on it, but they did some really good work on it too. They filled the Huge orange dumpster in no time. What's crazy is that they loaded all the scrap metal in the back of my Dad's truck and a long, long trailer and the back of Nick's Dad's truck and a long, long trailer.
They also hauled a Huge orange dumpster worth of wood to Hardy's burning pit and a ton of cement chunks into the wash to help with the washed away areas. The stuff that went into the dumpster was just old stuff that couldn't be used, burnt, dumped in the wash or turned in for money.

(I'll post that adventure probably Tuesday)

Here is an old, old brown, old metal, old and heavy washing machine. This was one of the things that was in the back corner and there before they moved in.
I told Nick to give me his "I'm working but having fun" pose!

Here is an after picture of the back corner. It isn't taken from the same spot as the before because the dumpster is in the way.

After two days of really long, hard work the other back corner looked HUGE! The pictures don't even do justice to the way it looked before and how amazing it looks now. I couldn't even believe all the stuff that was hauled away and I was there watching!!


Emily said...

Wow....good job guys! That looks awesome! I bet the Jones Folks love having that stuff GONE!

You guys are awesome!

Hope you are doing grand!

Love ya tons, Em

Fire -n- Ice said...

That's awesome! Sorry I wasn't there to help. I had FUN to plan for! It looks amazing... Can't wait to see it for real! And I'm sorry that Nate had to ditch out on you two early... but I'm glad he did. He really didn't feel good. And then we had fun!