Saturday, October 11, 2008

Conference 2008

I am ashamed to say that I have never been one to get excited about watching conference. I don't plan on watching it Saturday and only watch it on Sunday because it's 'church'. I like to listen to the general authorities, but I've never gotten excited. This year was different. I was really looking forward to watching conference and was actually EXCITED!

I planned on watching both days. Saturday we went to my parents house to watch. The villezcas family was there also. Mom made breakfast casserole and lots of treats. Kevin and Wyatt played around, watched for awhile and then slept the rest of the time. Whenever the choir would sing Kevin would grab this little toy piano and start 'playing' it. He would watch the screen like he was following the director. It was really cute.

That evening Daddy went to the Priesthood Session and we had a lot of fun catching and watching the rain! Kevin is scared of Thunder. He is getting a little better, but whenever there is thunder his eyes get huge and he runs for the nearest person. I love when it rains! It seemed fitting also that it would rain after conference. Kind of like washing away all the sins people were newly aware and repenting of. Nick said the priesthood session was great and that he loved me! That's always wonderful to hear.

Sunday morning we were headed to Nick's parent's house. She had little pancakes and french toast for us. Kevin loves exploring at their house and Wyatt sat in their highchair and just stared at the HUGE screen they have. Again they both slept and when we got home they both did what they do and eat!

I'm not sure if I am just getting older and maturing or if my spirit is becoming refined a little more, but I was sorry to see conference end and I am excited for it again in April. I felt my testimony strengthened, my wish to be a better Mother and Wife enlightened and my desire to be a better daughter of God/missionary revived. I hope you all had a wonderful conference!


Fire -n- Ice said...

Good for you! I don't look forward to watching conference. I do watch it, but I have a VERY hard time paying attention. I do look forward to the Ensign coming out afterwards though. I love to read their talks. I can actually get something out of it when I read! :)

Emily said...

HOOORAY FOR CONFERENCE! It's pretty much my favorite TV program! :) I am so glad that you enjoyed it too! I think you are wonderful!

Love, Em

The Castle Carriage said...

I didn't used to look forward to conference either. I remember when we watched it down the basement in black and white. Back then the speakers spoke more in monatone and I didn't get much from it. Mom always let us do hand work, so the time went more quickly. I do love sitting in the comfort of my own home, in comfortable clothes without makeup and having family over to share with. I also like having fun food. It seems that the speakers always have something to say that pertains to me these days. I hate if I fall to sleep, but the great thing about now days is that we have it on DVR and can watch it again if we miss anything. Plus, like Ashley says, the Ensign is always a good review. Glad you love conference, sad you are growing up, never getting used to that. Cute pics of those babies. Love you Mom