Monday, October 6, 2008

No Camera

After our 4-wheelin trip my camera was pretty dirty, so I turned it in for a good cleaning. I went back a couple days later to pick it up only to find that they had sent it away for a 'deep clean' and it wouldn't be back for 3WEEKS! I take about 1000 pictures a month so for me to not have a camera for 3 weeks is driving me crazy! I am constantly missing things the boys are doing and I can't stand it. I told Nick that we have got to buy a small water proof camera so when mine is getting cleaned I have aback up and we can take it to the water park instead of being sooooo careful with mine!
Right now I am using my parents 6 year old camera, which is relieving some of my "gotta take a picture" itch, but it only hold 100 pics and I have to download it at their house! So i'm going to download the pics and transfer them to my house then I will have something to blog about for ya'll.
Until then, give all of your cameras a hug, a thank you and take a picture for me!

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Fire -n- Ice said...

That is so sad! I LOVE your pictures!! Good luck surviving without it. I would offer you mine, but I've been doing pretty good at taking pictures, so I don't think I could go without it. SORRY!!!