Friday, October 3, 2008


Mom, Kevin and I were in the garage cleaning up a bit. Kevin was sitting on Daddy's 4-wheeler saying "wide, wide. pees wide" I kept telling him "when Daddy wakes up" Mom and I were pushing the 4-wheeler into a different spot in the garage (we couldn't find the key) when this huge truck drove down the road in front of our house. Well it must have caught Kevin off guard because it scared him and he JUMPED off the 4-wheeler. I reached out to grab him and kind of hit him in the face with my fingers before I got a hold of his arm. The lucky thing is that I caught him. He was crying and crying with his head buried in my arm. I kept telling him it was okay and that the truck was gone. After a minute I pulled him back to tell him that was enough crying. My shoulder was covered in blood and his mouth. The un-lucky thing is that when my fingers hit his face, my finger nails sliced his lips in 3 places. His top lip had a 1/4 inch paper cut type slice on it and then two tiny slices in the corner of his mouth and right below his bottom lip.
I hurried inside to get a cold rag on it. The camera was right next to the kitchen sink that's why I took a picture. His lips bled pretty good for a couple minutes and then stopped. The were kind of swollen the rest of the day but are doing much better now and I am happy to note that I don't think there will be any physical or emotional scars!!


Emily said...

My goodness...we'll have to start calling you Esther Scissor Hands! :)

Glad he is doing better. Give him hugs for us!

Love you, Em

Fire -n- Ice said...

Poor kid! At least there won't be any emotional scars... that wouldn't be very fun to have him be afraid of you!

Trent And Tara said...

Thanks for your nice comment. Your kids are cute as well. Good mix of both of you. I love your backround on your blog as well. Take care.