Sunday, October 26, 2008

You can be bought for $2.95

Nick was given a paper in briefing and it stated:

A sworn South Florida Law Enforcement Officer received threats to himself and his family following an arrest. The suspect had detailed information about the officer's family, residences and phone numbers.

The suspect utilized the site to obtain the information. For $2.95, he was able to purchase the officer's records. The website contains name, age, address history, phone numbers, DOB, in-come information and family information.

Information on the website is collected from a variety of sources, to include utility bills, court records, etc.... The suspect and his associates have used this website in the past to obtain other officers personal information. Customer service at Intelius advised that anyone may request to have their information removed from their site.

It is suggested that you go to the website and enter your name and state.

You should then print the results page with all the names on it. On the results page, circle the name that you want removed.

You may fax or mail your request to be removed from the site. The information will be removed within one week.

The fax number is 425-974-6194. The address is Intelius, 500 108 Avenue NE, Suite 1600 Bellevue WA 98004

This is scary!!! We went online and we are on there. Address, name, age, in-come and relatives!!! This isn't for just officer's and their families. This is for EVERYONE! Go to the site and get your name taken off! Click below on your name and it will send you to your page!

Nickolas and Esther Jones

Kevin and Susie Jones

Wyatt and Connie Mortensen

Jeff and Mer Jones

Cortnie and Arthur Villezcas

Jenna and Thomas Rhude

Bryan and Emily Mortensen

Nathan and Kelli (mickelson or Jensen) Jones

The girls can look themselves up under Maiden or married. You maiden name list your family and your married only lists your husband. It doesn't have anyone listed who isn't over the age of 18 so our children's names are safe, but someone could look us up and get all the information they want for $2.95!!!! Go to the site, look up your name and then send it in and get it off. In a world like today we can not be too careful!!! I know this isn't a very fun post but I had to pass it on!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bun,

Thanks for making a direct link from our full names to the web site in question. I am sure that any ill doers will appreciate the easy access from your blog...

If me and my family gets killed by a stalker, we will be so not on speaking terms.

Emily said...

I am sure Mr. Morten meant that it the nicest way! :)

Love you guys, Em

Rhude Girls said...

Thanks for the heads up. As if google's reverse directory was not bad enough. Just type in your phone number with area code and your names and addresses pop up. Horrible!! What is sacred nowdays?

Emily said...

Bun, I've been missing your posts....and your amazing photography. Any news on your camera? I hope that all is well with you and your sweet family!

Love you tons, Em