Thursday, November 13, 2008


Okay so alot of stuff has been going on and I have totally failed at blogging. I am going to try and blog something everyday for the next week to catch up, so visit everyday if you want to see everything we have been up to!
I have never really liked cleaning out pumpkins then cleaning up after cleaning out pumpkins. Then after you spent at least an hour cutting out a design it is unrecognisable by the next morning. So I bought fake pumpkins! You don't have to clean them out, they hold their shape and I can put them in a box and use them as Halloween decor next year.

Kevin is a little young to cut out anything so I made a 'stencil' out of paper and let him go to town. He had so much fun! He colored with permanent marker for a while then wanted to 'payne' so I grabbed out his paint and he colored some more.

He was so funny to watch. Most of the time he had a marker in both hands or a paint brush in both hands. He worked on it for about an hour which shocked me.

I am totally in love with this boy! I try to stop and think about the way he looks at things, the things he thinks are interesting. He is fascinated by such small things and I am fascinated with him.

I think that 'pumpkin' carving is a Halloween tradition I am going to enjoy and whole lot more. Maybe next year we will even attempt at 'carving' Kevin's pumpkin.

No matter what I did I could not get him to show me his pumpkin and smile. He would smile and turn his pumpkin around or show me his pumpkin but not look at me. oh well. The best pictures are the ones that show their personalities and the true story right?

Grandma Castle bought us this really cool electric carver. Nick loved it soo much that he happily agreed to carve Wyatt's pumpkin and even wanted to go buy some more to do. So here they are....Nick's, Mine, Kevin's and Wyatt's.

You aren't supposed to put an actual candle in them so Nick stood outside in the freezing cold weather and held a flashlight in them. I happily stood inside the doorway and took pictures than ran further inside the warm house. I think they turned out great and we are looking forward to more punkin carving memories.


Emily said...

Welcome back, Bun! I've missed your posts.

Good job on those pumpkins! You have such a cute lit'l family!

Love ya, Em

Fire -n- Ice said...

First things first... CUTE BLOG! Looks like you guys had fun! My poor kids didn't get to do anything with pumpkins this year. It looks like Kevin had a great time though.