Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Halloween 2008

Ol' McDonald Had a Farm......

Here is a picture of Wyatt and his 'make-up'. Grandma put blush on his nose and cheeks. However, his left eye runs almost constantly so he had a streak running through his make-up. I thought it was soo cute!
Here is my Cow! Kevin is addicted to cows so we thought it would be an appropriate costume. He points out cows ( or horses which he calls cows) wherever we go.
Anytime I see someone in the store they ask "how old is he" I respond 5 months, and without fail they say "Wow! He is a big boy!!" So of course Wyatt went as our little Piggy.
Here are my Cow and Piggy with Grandpa! Nick had to work so he wasn't able to dress up as "Ol' McDonald" but I think Grandpa is a good fill in.
Here we are before heading off to go trunk or treating!

Here is my sad cow. He wanted me to have a 'bay' like him almost the whole time we were at the trunk or treat.

Grandma Castle helped me/made both the boys Halloween costumes. I didn't want to spend 30+ dollars on a costume for them to wear once and I'm trying to learn how to sew, so Mom walked me through it/did it mostly herself!Kevin was soo excited about his costume, while we were making it. He loved putting on the hat and he would always look at us and say "cow mom, cow" However, that night he was running a fever, had fallen asleep on the way over to the church and trying to get sick so he was one very sad cow :(
The Piggy costume fit perfectly! Wyatt looked adorable I thought! He fell asleep on the way over too, but woke up very happy. He looked at everything around him. He wasn't scared by a thing and loved playing with Grandma and Grandpa.

I think this picture is perfect. Little Piggy tail sitting on Grandpa's lap. I think Grandpa Jones makes a good Farmer! He asked why I dressed him in all pink! I said because that is what color piggys are. I guess I could have made him a different color piggy, but I think it turned out okay.

Here are both my boys, tired from a hard, late night of trunk or treating! I took a ton of pics because I just couldn't get over how adorable they looked! I think they are the best looking cow and pig ever!!!

I went as a Mother Hen! Nick thinks it's silly that I want he and I to dress up, but I think it is fun!!

at about 1:30 ion the video, there is a guy that says "let me throw ya one". He was dressed very scary and we went out and around him. he was a good 6 feet away when he threw the candy. That is why I was so impressed, because he was far away and got it in that little hole!

He was scared of EVERYTHING there. He walked around whining holding onto my hand. When we would come to a 'trunk' he would stop whining for a tiny bit, hold out his bucket, then hurry off once they placed the candy in his bucket.

Happy (late) Halloween and Thank you Mom for the awesome costumes!!!


Emily said...

You guys make the cutest farm family ever! I love the costumes...good job to both you and Gma Castle for the superb creativity!

Fire -n- Ice said...

How fun! Poor little Kevin... but it is cute because he really did sound like he was mooing! :) Your costumes are amazing. I am very impressed and jealous. I didn't want to buy costumes either, so I just wasn't going to do Halloween, but people kept bugging me, so I went out that morning and bought Caiden one. You guys really did an awesome job! Cute! Cute!