Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Misc. Pics of my boys

None of these pictures go together. They are all misc pics of my boys I just had to share. I think they show how perfectly adorable my boys are!

Kevin loves hats. He found Nick's and ran around the house wearing it all morning. He would jump on the bed, then off onto the love seat shouting ' I Daddy'
Wyatt is such a ham. I have really missed having my camera when he starts hamming it up. He talks and does the funniest grins sometimes for no reason.
I can't believe how big Kevin is getting. He had a growth spurt this month. He went from 18 month clothes to 3T. He is in love with the tubby and ASKS to be put in everyday.

Wyatt is discovering 'splashing' while in the tubby. He kicks his feet and then just grins and grins.
Nick and I found this playing table at DI for $20! Kevin loves it. He is always sitting on it playing cars and trains.
I think this picture speaks for itself. He is just cute!
My boys have the biggest eyes!

You can tell when Wyatt is going to try and grab something because his eyes get huge and then he lunges.

I learned a habit from my Dad, put chips ON your sandwich then eat. Well Kevin and I sit and have lunch and I guess he watches me because the other day he grabbed chips, put them ON his sandwich and then ate it!

Very rarely is Wyatt not smiling. However, he can go from smiling and laughing to scream like a banshee in 0.5 seconds flat!

So there you have it. Some pics of my adorable boys!

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Fire -n- Ice said...

You really do have adorable boys! Does this mean you have your camera back?