Monday, November 17, 2008

Not so good

Okay so I'm not doing very good at this one-a-day thing. I am going to get better though!

So here is part two of "Cleaning Up". Nick and I drove 2 truck and trailer loads into town to a scrap yard. I haven't ever done this before and it was kind of exciting! You drive up onto this huge scale, get a print out of your weight (when the scale drops 150lbs immediately after you step out of the truck it's kind of dis-heartening) You stop at this checking station that makes sure you have metal and gives you hard hats.

Then you drive over to this huge pile of scrap and you have to unload it by yourself!!! I hugs crane came and got the worst stuff for us, but the entire truck and trailer were overflowing!!!!

After we unloaded the metal we went to a separate place to weigh in the wire. They came with a little bobcat thing and picked it all up. I prefer that way.

All in all we received about $400 between the 2 truck and trailer loads. About $100 of it went to gas in the trucks, and then the remaining $300 we split between Nick, Nate and I. Nate helped Nick load both loads and I mostly watched Nick un-load both loads so I think it was fair!

Thank you Mom and Dad Jones for letting us haul off your scrap and keep the money.

Thank you Mom and Dad Castle for letting us use you truck and trailer!

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Fire -n- Ice said...

And thank you to you and Nick for unloading the trucks. Nate had told me that we were taking the stuff in on the Monday after we got back from California, but then you guys went without us. Sorry! And thanks again!