Monday, January 12, 2009

Date night

It is a very rare occasion when Nick and I go out for a 'date'. We leave the kids with parents to go run errands quite a bit, but a planned out date, very rarely. So last weekend Nick decided he wanted to go watch a movie and just spend time together. We went to mesquite to watch 7 pounds, the new Will Smith movie. When we got to the theater however, 7 pounds was not playing. I swore that the Stadium 6 was where is was listed to play, but Nick thought that I had just made it up so I could try and talk him into watching Twilight again. Even though I wouldn't have minded, I honestly didn't even think about it. The girl at the ticket counter told us that the Other theater in town was playing it. Nick pulled me back to the car and we hurried to the other theater. Luckily it was playing. I'm not going to post any movie spoilers, but it was great. The first 20 minutes Nick thought were kind of weird, but it was just lead up to explain the rest of the movie. I saw what was coming from half way through, though I hoped it wouldn't, Nick didn't realize until near the end and was crying by the time it was over (I hope that doesn't spoil it).

It really was a a great movie and talking to Nick the whole way to and from mesquite was really nice. While living 'life' you forget sometimes to take the time to be together and just how nice it is.


The Castle Carriage said...

Hey that is a great picture of you Esther. Very cute. We are volunteering for date night when ever you get the urge. Love Mom & Dad Castle

Fire -n- Ice said...

I'm glad you guys are able to get out for date nights. Isn't it nice to live near family... I do miss that. that is one downside to living in Vegas! I've been wanting to see seven pounds, it's good to hear that it's good! Keep enjoying each other!