Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A night from Hell!

Wyatt has been really stuffy the last couple days and has been trying to get a nasty seal barky cough. I have been on top of him like glue trying to keep him from getting really sick. So I wasn't prepared when Kevin about 8:pm last night was having a hard time breathing. His lungs wheezed and his chest caved in slightly. I dosed him up with everything I had and gave him a breathing treatment. About midnight he wasn't getting worse so I left his bedside and went to catch some sleep. When I was awoken at 12:45am this video is what I heard.

Actually he sounds a lot better in the video than he did when I woke up because I had gotten him calmed down. But his entire chest was caving in drastically and after crying for about 30 seconds he would stop, his eyes would roll back slightly and he would breathe a little better. Than he would STOP breathing for a second, jump and start crying again. The worst thing about it was that there is no priesthood in our home until 2:30am. Luckily there are many close Priesthood holders in the family. I called my Mom and Dad and they were down to my house in minutes. We put Kevin in a steamy bathroom, gave him another breathing treatment then bundled him up and took him outside to breathe in some cold air.

He still was having a hard time breathing so off to Mesa View Emergency we went. We got in and had 4 nurses and a Dr. in our room within 3 minutes. They all listened to him breathe and asked "barky cough?" "Yep" I said. "Croup" they would all say. When I told them that he was breathing 10 times better they looked worried. He was given another breathing treatment with a different medicine and a shot in his leg. Then we had to wait 3 hours to make sure that Kevin didn't have a bad reaction to the shot.

It was so hard watching Kevin struggle to breathe. When we were at home I was holding him in the steamy bathroom and was 'trying' to sing to him to calm him down. I don't think it really helped because I cried most of the songs. I knew he would be alright, but it was still really scary when he would stop breathing for a few seconds and then had to fight so hard when he would breathe. I wished I could help him breathe or breathe for him. I felt so helpless watching his eyes roll back and his body go limp as it tried to relax and breathe.

The room we had was tiny and believe it or not all three of us were crammed and 'sleeping' on this bed. Nick was on his right side with his chest smashed against the bars. I was on my right side with my back smashed against the bars. Kevin laid on his back sprawling out between and on top of us in the middle. 3 hours is a long time trying to stand against the wall (no chairs) so we gave up and climbed on the bed with Kevin. This picture was taken after the 3 hours when a nurse came in to have us sign some papers, she brought a little round rolling chair.

Kevin is such a trooper. He whined because he didn't like the 'stuck light' on his big toe, but as long as Nick or I held him, he was a good boy and just stared off, trying to breathe. We went through this November of '07 with Kevin and thought we were pretty cool for skipping it last Nov. I guess it caught up to us. Kevin is doing a lot better. His chest is still tight but he can breathe. He is having fun sitting on Mommy's lap, drinking juice and watching whatever movie he wants. I know he is past the worst of it but pray for my little guy. Angels don't deserve to be sick.


Fire -n- Ice said...

I am SO sorry! Your poor boy. You made me cry just reading it. I hope he gets feeling better. If you need any help just let me know. I live far away, but I'll do what I can. We will definately keep him in our prayers!

The Comeau Family said...

Oh little Kevin! I hope he is feeling better and will make a full recovery very soon. I'm so sorry you guys had to deal with this. We will keep you in our prayers. Please call if there is something I can do.

Brittany said...

Wow, that must've been super scary! I'm so sorry. I'm glad you knew what to do. If it were me, I'd be worried that I would panic. I'm very happy that your boy will be ok and hope he feels better.

Rhude Girls said...

I feel your pain. My kids always get croup when they are sick. I haven't heard wheezing like that since Emily went in the hospital in 2003. Personally I hope neither of us ever hear it again. Let us know if you need anything.

Meka said...

Oh that would be so scary! From listening to the video that would be torture hearing your child struggle to breathe like that!! I hope he gets feeling better soon. You guys will be in our prayers.

Emily said...

Oh my gosh BUN!! That poor little guy! He is in our prayers!!

I don't know how you and Moki handle these breathing troubles with your gals are much tougher than I!

Love you all, Em

The Castle Carriage said...

I know I speak for Grandpa when I say we will never get used to watching our babies gasp for breath. I am glad that we knew more of what to do because of Bryan and Alex. We didn't have home breathing treatments when Bryan was just 1 years old and we were rushing to the hospital every 4-6 weeks in the middle of the night. When Bryan got older, he would tell us he was drowning. We had a few very close calls. I think the medicine is better now than 30 years ago. We hate to take the babies to the hospital, because we don't always agree with what they do and how they handle the situation, but this is just one of those times that you have to bit the bullet and go. Little ones can go down so fast. We are glad Esther called and that we were able to help. You are all in our prayers everyday, but a little extra for the Jones boys for the next few days.