Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Star Gazing

The other night it wasn't as FREEZING as it has been so we went outside to star gaze. We bundled Wyatt up and Kevin was just so excited to go outside at night ( I usually tell him "no outside it's dark"

Kevin was very patient while I looked up to see if I knew what anythng was to point out to him. He pointed out every 'plane' that blinked across the sky. He is just so darn smart.

Finally I spotted the little dipper and pointed. Of course I have no idea if he saw it but he pointed along with me and said "coo"(cool)

Star gazing wasn't as fun for him as 'play dirt' is so over to our little sand pile he ran. Daddy put a sleepy Wyatt to bed and like a little boy himself jumped right in to the dirt playing.
We were only outside for like 30 minutes but it was a fun relaxing evening. We definately recommend Star gazing as a memorable family activity.


Fire -n- Ice said...

Sounds like fun! I miss the stars! You'll have to go out more often and enjoy them enough for us also!

As I leave this comment, Caiden is sitting next to me and he can see the picture of you and Nick from your date night and he keeps saying "Daddy and Mommy?" And we all thought he could tell Nate and Nick apart, now he can't even tell you and I apart. :o)

Emily said...

Cute Bun...

We love looking at the stars too....someday we're gonna get a telescope so we can really do some star gazing...until then, warm spring/fall nights and the trampoline work wonders for us!

You are adorable, by the way.

Meka said...

Thanks for the nice offer Esta, we just don't have many pictures of us together because one of us has to take the picture. We aren't even really at the profile stage yet but I wanted to start getting and gathering pictures so I don't feel overwhelmed when the time comes to do that. I will get back to ya.... if I survive all this approval process...