Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We are still alive

I'm sorry that we have been silent for soo long. One of my New Year's resolutions is to be better at keeping up our blog. So here is our first blog of the new year.
Since our cyber silence Nick turned 26 and isn't falling apart like he thought he would. He enjoys not having to work on the house 24-7 and loves spending time with his boys. Kevin still isn't used to Daddy being around so much and comes to me for everything but Wyatt thinks Nick is the best thing since baby food. Nick and Wyatt spend hours smiling and talking to each other everyday. When Nick isn't home with us he is workin. He really enjoys his job and is comfortable with what he does. He has a new sergeant that doesn't like him very much but Nick is trying extra hard to earn his respect. Other than work and family the only other thing in Nick's life is Halo. He got it last year (07) for Christmas and has been addicted ever since. He and I play Nathan and Kelli at least 4 days a week. It's something that he does to veg, relax and forget about work. The only down side to Halo? I'm better than he is :)

Life has been crazy for me. In the beginning of December Nick and I found out that 1 broken condom lead to another pregnancy. Yes baby number 3. I was not happy about it. I cried for about 3 days. Uncharacteristic of Nick he was excited, not stressed. I tried to be happy like him but couldn't, I just wasn't ready for another one. Nick gave me an amazing blessing after 3 days of crying. He told me that the Lord was mindful of me and that all things were in his hands. He said that in these dark times the Lord needed to send his strong warriors to the earth. He needed to send them to Mothers who would raise them in righteousness and prepare them. After the blessing I felt guilty, rebuked, flattered and ready to take on this new challenge. I prayed really hard that night for strength to handle the pregnancy and my other 2 blessings with patience. I woke the next morning feeling wonderful about everything. About noon I started having horrible pain and bleeding really bad. Short version we miscarried. We weren't far along only 5-6 weeks, so it was over after a couple days of bleeding. Nick was very disappointed and I was sort of relieved. We are both doing great now, I am just trying to get my hormones under control.

Kevin is such a joy to us. He talks non stop. He loves to point out everything he sees and new things that he discovers. I am always surprised at the things he points out and wonder where he learned what it was. He had a growing spurt and is now wearing 3T shirts and pants. The pants are a little long but they aren't floods like 2T. Kevin worried/confused us for about a week. He would be fine during the day and around 9:pm he would all of the sudden throw up. He would throw up several times during the night and then be perfectly happy the next day. The only sign of sickness being that he wouldn't eat and didn't want juice. This continued for 7 days until Grandma Castle gave him Dr. Pepper and acidophiles (sp?). After 2 days he was all better. His (pale) color has returned and he is filled with even more energy. Kevin has been in heaven during the holiday season because his Grandpa Castle has been off work and with or without my permission has spent almost everyday and night (except the sick ones) with Kevin. Those two 'boys' are crazy.

Wyatt is soo funny. He is 7 months and learning so many things. He sits up all by himself, rolls clear across the living room and down the hall. He eats baby food now and is trying to crawl! I can tell that this boy is going to be a HUGE handful when he actually starts crawling. Like I said before Wyatt LOVES his Daddy. Those two pull the weirdest faces at each other. Wyatt laughs very easy and talks almost more than Kevin. Wyatt has been sick also the last week or so, but he is such a good baby and has been handling it very well.

Well that is what's been going on with our family. We hope you didn't give up hope on us and that you will keep checking in from time to time. I hope that everyone has the best 2009 ever!


Fire -n- Ice said...

Yea!! I'm so glad you are back to it. I'm a loser and look at people's blogs everyday and it gets depressing after awhile not having anything new to look at! :)I must say... Halo rocks and although it always has... it is much better now that we can beat the boys occassionally! I'm sorry about your miscarriage, those can be tough and I'm glad you are making it through it ok. At least you have 2 VERY handsome little men (oh... and one big one too, but I like mine more)to help keep your spirits up! Hope to hear from you again soon.

Fire -n- Ice said...

I forgot to tell you that your background looks cute! Good work!

Greg and Mel said...

Esther, I am so sorry about your miscarriage, but I can totally relate to your feelings of not being ready for another baby. I found out I was pregnant with Peyton when Ella was 6 months old, and I too was pretty upset. It took me a while to get used to the idea, and now I just have guilt issues..ha ha. I hope you are feeling better :)

As for Halo, you and kel need to tell me when you are on cause I really wanna play with you!!!


Emily said...

You have such a sweet little family. I am so grateful to know you and to be able to learn from you.

Love you tons, Em

AnnDee said...

Good to hear from you guys again! Sounds like you had some well-deserved time off from the blogging scene! Hope all is well-we're thinking about you guys!

AnnDee said...
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The Castle Carriage said...

Cute pictures and great background. Thanks for giving us a new face lift for the new year. Grandpa is having withdrawls now that he is back to work. Love Grandpa and Grandma Castle

Anonymous said...

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