Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A first time for everything

So we had a lot of "firsts" at our house this week, I thought I would share them with you.

First Tree

Nick worked 2 days digging and planting this tree. It is a nice sturdy Modesto Ash. Since we have such terrible soil the hole ended up being about 5' across. We used almost every last shovel full of the boys sandbox to mix with some good soil to fill the hole back up. I don't have any "finished" pictures so you will have to come on by if you want to see it.

First Self Portrait

Kevin loves to paint in the morning before eating. I was dealing with fussy Wyatt in another room when Kevin yelled "Mom all done" so I grabbed Wyatt and headed for the table before Kevin decided to get down. I was shocked when I turned the corner to see that MOST of the paint ended up on him and not the paper! He proudly exclaimed "Mom. Paint Kevin!" We talked about not painting on Kevin and then spent a good LONG time cleaning it off.

First sink Tubby (at home)

I had already given Wyatt 2 baths the other day and he escaped out the back door and crawled right through Kevin's chalk drawings and was filthy again. not wanting to do the whole tubby thing and needing to get dinner started I threw him in the sink. He loved playing with the water as it filled the sink and played very well.

First time Kevin fed Wyatt

I was feeding Wyatt while Nick showered and walked away to tell Nick it was his turn to feed while I showered. When we both walked back down the hall this is what was happening.

So there you have it. A week of "firsts" in the Jones home.


Fire -n- Ice said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! That is SO cute that Kevin took over feeding Wyatt. What a good helper!

Rachel said...

Nick saw me at the fair and asked for my sister's number, but I didn't have my cell phone on me. I found your blog through Meka's so here it is! 208-885-1977

Emily said...

Good Job on your painting, Kevin! :)

And good job feeding your baby brother.

Cutest boys!

The Castle Carriage said...

Pretty cute times at the Jones abode. Thanks for keeping new pretties on my blog even though I rarely do. Love Mom

PJ said...

This is the cutest thing ever! Cherish these sweet times, and these wonderful boys! Miss and love you guys!
--aunt Patty
ps, check out my new grandson on my blog or AnnDee's!