Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kevin Nickolas Jones

Some things about our Kevin!

The biggest thing that Kevin has been up to is that he is almost 100% potty trained!! We tried right after his 2nd birthday and he just didn't get it, so I set a goal to try again in 6 months. When March rolled around we stripped him down naked and told him "not to pee pee on the floor". After a couple days and mastering that we out some 'big boy' underwear on him and told him "don't pee pee in your pants". It has been almost 2 weeks and he had 4 accidents, 3 of those in the first 4 days and 1 was diarrhea and he tried to make it (so I don't think it counts). He has gone 4 days without even a dribble in his underwear and he wakes up dry from his naps. The only thing we haven't mastered is dry ALL NIGHT! But I'm not complaining. 1 diaper a day instead of 7 has made a huge difference!!

Kevin loves to be outside. He would live outside if we would let him. He doesn't care if it's sunny, windy, cold, hot, raining or dark. In the morning he comes and crawls in our bed and snuggles me for a couple minutes before he says "come on mom. let's play" and when I one eyed follow him out to the living room he runs for the door, "pay side mom. pay side peas". Usually I tell him "We can play outside after cereal" I don't think he likes this answer but he agrees. I don't know how this boy is going to survive school. he is too much like me and gets stir crazy if he has to be indoors for too long.

Kevin loves eggs and painting, so when he went to Grandma Castle's house the other day and got to paint eggs, he was in heaven. About a month ago Kevin figured out what eggs were and is always asking to me "hold eggs" or to "eat eggs" he has been an egg fanatic! When he isn't holding or eating eggs he is painting. He loves painting with a brush, his fingers and will sit there happily until he has painted 3-4 pieces of paper. Since going to Grandma's house he asks all the time to "paint eggs peas mom". I'm a mean Mom and we haven't painted eggs, but we will here very soon!

The only thing Kevin loves more than eggs and paint is his Grandpa Castle. Kevin asks on a DAILY basis for "pa house? peas mom!" When he does get to go to Pa's house he is in heaven. He and Pa watch george, dragons, clifford, rocket, trucks and run around the house. Nick thinks the roughest thing Kevin will have to face on his mission is, No Pa and No Pa House. I think he's right.

Kevin is such a good boy. He listens, picks up his toys, fetches diapers, throws things away, eats all his food and is starting to let me take pictures of him again because he knows if he comes over I will show him the picture. He is very patient and loves his little brother. Kevin will make weird noises and jump around if it makes Wyatt laugh. He loves to climb into brother's "cage" (graco) and play with him or give him hugs and kisses when he cries.

We have all been planting gardens this spring and Kevin has been loving every minute of it. Nick and Kevin planted some flower seeds in a couple egg cartons and Kevin helped the whole time. He is always digging in Grandma's flower beds saying "I pant fowers". Some of Grandma's flowers get dug up, but it's worth it.

Kevin LOVES Monster Trucks. He pretends to be a Monster Truck, I would say, 75% of the day. He knows the names of at least 6 Monster trucks and when he pretends to be a Monster Truck each one does different things. Grave Digger (pictured) jumps really high. Destruction always loses a wheel. Blue Thunder jumps and does cyclones, etc, etc, etc. He had a lot of fun going to Monster Jam with Grandpa and the Villezcas family. Grandpa bought him a Monster Jam shirt that he sleeps in every night and a Grave Digger truck pillow that he sleeps with.

Like I said before Kevin loves to paint, so the other day when Grandma Castle, Aunt Moki and I were painting faces for the Clark County Easter Egg Hunt, Kevin was all over it. He wanted to stand in between my legs and stare at the face I was painting. After being torn away to go play slides and after the egg hunt Kevin came up and asked me to paint a spider on his face. I didn't think he really meant it so I said okay and he hopped up into the chair facing me like the other kids had done. I figured I would give it a try. He held pretty still for a 2 year old and loved pointing to his face and saying "Paint spider". We couldn't wash it off until the next day and I'm sure he will be wanting another one soon.

Kevin is sooooo sweet. He is such a good natured child. He LOVES his mommy and his little brother. He loves when Daddy is home because Daddy plays the best games. I am in love with all the new things Kevin is doing, i.e.
Potty Trained, Getting out of bed and snuggling me in the morning, talking up a storm, understands almost everything we say, puts on his own seat belt, tries to put on his clothes, can count to 6, mostly recognises the colors green and blue and much much more.
Even though I love it, it makes me sad at the same time because it just goes to show how grown up he is getting. I feel like it is slipping by too fast and I'm not ready for him to grow up.
I am excited to see him learn new things and to watch his eyes sparkle when he is joyful!


Fire -n- Ice said...

Kevin is so sweet. You are definately doing a good job raising your boys, keep up the good work! Kevin is absolutely adorable, thanks for sharing the pictures and fun times!

Cinnamon said...

I was like, "'Truck Pictured?' Where?" It took me a second scroll-by to see it, and then I felt really observant!....

Cute spider! And cute boy underneath!