Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sunny Days!

We met at the park the other day for Castle Cousin Reading Club and the boys had a blast!

Wyatt loved the swings! He thought he was such a big boy because he was doing just what brother was.

Kevin ALWAYS loves swings. He would swing morning, noon and night. This was his "Look Mom no hands" picture. He even tried out the Big Boy swings for a little bit.

Grandma Castle made sure there were plenty of UNDERDOGS to go around. She had all the grandkids giggling and flying high. Thanks Grandma!

And Wyatt soon succumbed to the gentle swaying of the swing. I do have memories of his older brother doing this!

The summer heat is coming on fast but for now we sure are enjoying the not too hot spring days!


Fire -n- Ice said...

How fun to get out and play before the heat picks up too much! That is so cute that Wyatt fell asleep! I always feel bad for babies when they fall asleep in strange positions! Caiden used to fall asleep in his jumperoo! But your boys are cute... thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

I think it is so cute when kids fall asleep in unusual places. And Wyatt WAS soooo cute nodding off in that swing.

Love you loads.

Jennifer said...

Hi Esther. This is Jennifer Clayton Voelkel, Nick's friend from high school! I just found your blog...what a cute family you have! Congrats! I'd love to hear from Nick some time. Maybe he can drop me an email. Oh, and we have a private blog too. Send me your email address and I'll add you. My address is:

voelkelfamily (at) hotmail (dot) com.

The Castle Carriage said...

Nothing cuter in the world than those boys. Love Mom

Emily said...

Hey Bun...I got your super cute invite for Wyatt's are amazing. The kids and I are visiting my sister Tammie this week...and Bryan has Board Meetings on every second Thursday we won't be to the party...but we will be bringing home something for your cuter than cute 1 year old! Give him hugs and kisses from all of us!

Love you tons...girly!