Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wyatt Reynolds Jones

Here are the top 8 things that Wyatt has been up to.

1. Wyatt has NOT had a hair cut yet and his hair is long and thick! I am not used to a full head of hair with NO cowlicks!! I can comb his hair any way I want and it stays. His hair is soo soft and has just a hint of red in it. Grandma Jones is in love with her 'little strawberry blonde'. Wyatt is so pretty and his hair is getting long enough that he could pass for a girl easily. I try to get Nick to let me try pigtails but he keeps putting his foot down.

2. Wyatt's 2 bottom teeth finally popped through and it seems like the next week he had 4 bulging on top. The front of Wyatt's shirts are always soaked with drool but he hasn't been too fussy and hasn't been running fevers. The 4 on top haven't fully come in yet but when he grins wide you can see all of them sticking out!

3. Wyatt has been getting worse and worse during the night. He would wake up 6-7 times and either want to eat or just scream until Nick would take him in the living room and let him play. We finally decided that he was old enough to sleep through the night, threw him in his own room and let him cry it out a couple nights. It was hard to listen to him cry but 3 sleepless nights was well worth the month of 'sleep through the night' nights we have gotten. I think what has really helped is that he has been on an antibiotic that makes him very sleepy. He sleeps a good 12 hours every night!!

4. Wyatt won't get up on his hands and knees, won't, Won't, WON'T!! We have tried to hold him up on his hands and knees and he screams bloody murder. He has gotten very fast at army crawling though and usually gets out the door before I can get it closed. He loves following brother around and when brother runs outside, Wyatt is hard on his heels.

5. Wyatt fits into this family perfectly. He is just as addicted to the outdoors and 4-wheeling as the rest of us. We have taken him several times but it was always in the Rhino with him strapped to someone. This time I decided that he was big enough to ride in the 'big boy' chair behind Grandpa Castle. Grandpa kept stopping to make sure Wyatt's head wasn't falling off, but every time Grandpa stopped Wyatt had a huge grin on his face and kicked his feet until they started moving again. Wyatt is such a joy. He loves to experience new things, he loves doing what anyone around him is doing. And whenever he sees a 4-wheeler he starts to giggle!

6. Wyatt loves food! He eats more of it than he should be at his age, but I can't help it, he smiles so sweet and screams so loud I have to give in! This is a picture Nick took after 'entertaining' him with an Oreo cookie. The other day Nick left his bowl of Lasagna on one of the end tables and didn't notice that Wyatt had gotten ahold of it until after it was smeared all over him and the floor. After picking it all up Nick decided that Wyatt had earned it and put him in his highchair with the 'saved' piece of Lasagna. Wyatt LOVED it and ate it gone with a grin!

7. Wyatt has developed such a happy and spoiled personality! If he wants something (or doesn't want something) he can let out a scream that makes the 5 neighbor dogs start howling. He screams if ANYONE walks away from him, even if he didn't know you were there, and if you don't shovel the food fast enough. As long as you follow those 2 rules he is always so happy and has a smile for anyone who will look at him. His favorite toy is Kevin. Wyatt will giggle for hours if Kevin, will just be Kevin, next to him.

8. Wyatt wants to walk soo bad! He can pull himself up to and walk along anything. He loves to hold your fingers and walk laps around the house. Most of the time you can see him trying to let go and just take off somewhere. He always falls but one of these days I'm sure he will just take off across the room! Wyatt loves to 'help'. He loves to sit on your lap or stand next to you and watch what you are doing. After a little bit he wants to touch whatever you have and 'help' you out.

Wyatt is such a joy in our family. Nick and I weren't quite ready when we felt like we were supposed to have another one, but I'm glad we listened and that we have him. Nick is in love with him, Kevin thinks he is very funny and I am trying to savor each moment because he is growing up far too quick.


Fire -n- Ice said...

I'm so glad that you updated! Wyatt is such a doll! He really is growing up fast, but at least he is staying cute as he grows! :0) Handsome little man, I hope you get a beautiful little girl next!

Emily said...

Those Jones boys are too cute. And growing up so nicely. You are such a good mommy to them....they are so lucky to have you!

Love you loads!