Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Utah here we come

Nick surprised me by taking Saturday and Sunday off and we headed up to SLC for a Baby Tour! We left as soon as he got home in the morning from work, so here is a picture of how our trip to Utah looked. They're all sleeping!!

Since the baby tour didn't start till Saturday and we left Wednesday morning, we stopped off in Delta for a visit. Nick went on a "ride along" with Jeff and then Jeff took Nick and I shooting a couple of the guns from his 'collection'. The ear muffs were great, you couldn't hear the gunshot, but you sure could feel it!!

Mer always walks everywhere since Delta is so small and so I am always waddling behind her. We stopped at the park and the boys had a blast. Kevin tried to keep up with the other kids, but his short little legs just couldn't do it. He copied whatever they were doing though and had a lot of fun.

Friday night we headed on up to SLC and went to a movie with Nick's friend Chris and his wife. We were half way through the movie when she squeezed past us to go to the bathroom. She was gone about 45 seconds before she was back and asking us to get Chris because her water just broke and her pants were soaked! We wished them luck and finished the movie! So here are the babies we saw while in SLC

Owen Heath Qualheim - McIntosh Paul Nielsen - Elijah Larry Jensen

I don't have a ton of pics because all weekend Kevin stole my camera and took pictures. Most of them were blurry but there were a few good ones.

Both boys were really good the whole trip but Kevin was VERY good at telling us when he needed to go potty. If we were on the freeway we asked him to hold it and he would for as long as he could. Suddenly he would say "stop Dad stop, Kevin go potty" Nick would pull to the side of the road and Kevin would pee pee dirt. On our way up a Highway patrol actually pulled up behind us to see why we were stopped. He just laughed when we explained.

Thank you soo much to the new Grandma & Grandpa Nielsen for letting us come crash at their house. We love coming up to visit and always have soo much fun. Congrats on the new baby and we'll see ya soon.


Fire -n- Ice said...

It looks like you guys had fun! Lots of cute new babies! And good for Kevin on telling you when he needs to go potty. Caiden will occassionally tell us, but most of the time he just holds it until I tell him to go. But we are SO proud of Kevin. That is awesome! I love your new background and header! You did good work. Plus, I was starting to wonder when you were going to tell people you were pregnant! :0)

Emily said...

Cutest babies.

And I love your new header...you are one adorable preggo gal!

Hope you're feelin' good!

The Castle Carriage said...

So fun pictures. Love the one of Julie and Jeff with their first Grand-baby. Cute, cute blogging. Love Mom

Bowler Family said...

Hello? Ester?? Are you alive somewhere!! Ash