Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A little about us.

Nick has moved to graves and we are really liking it. He gets home in time for breakfast with the boys and I and then sleeps until 6:pm, just like if he were at work all day. He wakes up and has a couple hours to spend with the boys, feeling awake and rested. He is here for tubbies, book time and family prayer. He helps me put the boys to sleep then off he goes to work while we are all sleeping.

He is so excited for our third little one to join the family and has been very VERY helpful. He makes sure I don't over do it and goes the extra mile to make me happy.

He hasn't been playing Halo as much and says he likes having all the extra time to get things done. He and the boys love to wrestle, but the boys also love"helping" daddy as he fixes and installs things around the house.

To sum it up, he is one happy cop, one proud daddy and one wonderful husband!

I haven't been up to much but baby making. We've had a couple scares, but I'm healthy and the baby is healthy so everything else we just deal with as it comes. The worst thing about this pregnancy is that I have been craving DIRT!! Not like, "Oh dirt sounds good", I mean really craving it. I am using all my will power to not pick up a handful and chew on it. I have tried sucking on ricks, doesn't help. I get very jealous when Wyatt puts dirt in his mouth and tell him "If Mommy can't eat it, neither can you". I hate taking showers because the grout when it gets wet smells sooooooo good, that I stand in the shower with my nose pressed up against the wall, smelling the grout. I haven't licked it, but it is so horribly tempting. I went to Dr. Pinkston and got treated for a allergy to Dirt and Trace Minerals. My body wasn't absorbing them like it should and so I was always craving it. Hopefully this treatment works and works fast!!

My sister started nesting and I thought "I don't want to nest at the end and worry that I won't get it done, so I better start now". So I started nesting and haven't stopped. We have had another garage sale and gotten rid of a ton if things in our house. I have been rearranging the boys room and the craft room, our room, the nursery and am finally getting pictures up on our walls (we've only been in here over a year!) And no I'm not interested in coming to any of your houses, I'm still working on mine!!

Kevin is such a big boy!! He will be turning 3 in just a few weeks. I can't believe that he is three already and I have no idea where the time has gone. I love all the "big boy" things that he is doing, but ache to have my little baby back.

Kevin is an excellent big brother. He loves and is very protective of Wyatt. They play together really well and most of the time when I hear them laughing, it's usually at each other, making funny noises. He gets protective of his toys like any three year old, but will find a substitute toy and distract Wyatt.

Kevin is a very laid back obedient kid. He notices everything around him and when I sit down because my tummy hurts he immediately comes over and says "poor mom, Kevin kiss better". He loves to give kisses and hugs but loves it even more if you try to "steal" kisses and hugs from him. If you say ouch at all he hurries to say "so sorry, I so sorry", even if it was an accident.

Being inside drives Kevin crazy, but it has been too hot outside for me, so Kevin is always trying to figure out how to get somewhere. His favorites are....
  1. Mom, Kevin have donuts? (we have to go to the store)
  2. Library no closed. Kevin play puzzles.
  3. Pa house Mom?
  4. We have to go to Dr?

If I tell him no or it's time for a nap, he comes back with "After naps then we......? Kevin eat all food then we......?" He is one smart little guy and so much fun to have around.

Wyatt is such a handful. His personality is coming on so strong and fast. Wyatt loves to dance. Any type of music that comes on will get his chubby legs bouncing and twirling. He is a good baby like Kevin was but he is vocal. If he doesn't like something he tells you about it (Kevin just stared at you, mad) He loves to growl and chase brother around the house and always hums himself to sleep.

Wyatt is a Daddy's boy. When Nick goes into the bedroom in the morning to sleep, Wyatt will knock on the door and yell and when it doesn't open he sits down by the door, puts his head against it and cries. It is one the the most pathetic, heart wrenching things you've ever seen. He loves to wrestle with Daddy, but no one else better. Sometimes it's okay for Kevin to wrestle as long as daddy is winning, but if I even sit on Nick's lap Wyatt pitches a fit and starts pulling me off. You don't mess with his daddy.

Wyatt loves being outside. I have to sneak out the door to throw away poopie diapers because if he sees me going out and I close the door, I hear the wailing all the way to the garbage can, around the corner. If he does get out and i try to bring him back in, his body goes limp and he lets out a wail. He isn't in love with swimming pools like Kevin, he prefers a running hose.

He seems to young to talk, but we swear he says "da da da" whenever his daddy is around. He waves bye bye when he feels like it and grunts towards objects that he wants, which is mostly food. Wyatt is a bottomless pit. He eats, and eats and then gets down out of his chair and wants some of what you're having. He is also addicted to sugar. Kevin and I rarely eat candy or ice cream. Nick has been the lone dessert guy in our house, but not anymore. Wyatt can spot sweets from a mile away and will pitch a royal fit if denied. He and Nick will sit together and down a huge bowl of ice cream, they are two peas in a pod.

We love our Wyatt. He is so much fun and watching his chubby little legs try to run is one of the funniest things I've ever seen and we are all smitten by his smile.

Mekyla Connie Jones should be arriving around the 2oth of October, but with the rate she's growing and the number of brackston hicks I've been having the Dr is thinking more like the 9th at the latest. So for those of you who don't know, yes we are having a girl. Nick is so excited he can hardly stand it.

When we were getting ready for Kevin Nick thought it un-necessary for me to buy more than 1 package of onsies and two was more than plenty. I begged to get this cute outfit or that cute outfit or told him about great sales and he would tell me no. "The kid doesn't need a huge wardrobe, an outfit a day is fine. 10 outfits is more than enough" His little baby girl already has more clothes than we can hang across her crib. The clothes pictured above are only half. Babies R Us was having a BOGO sale and he went on this crazy shopping spree. He says it's because he has experience and knows just how many clothes kids need. I say it's because he's been wanting a little girl for years and that he is already wrapped around her chubby, spoiled finger!!

Kevin has gone with us a couple times to the Dr, and she listened to the baby's heartbeat. Kevin was so cute and said "Mom you have bubbles in your tummy". The boys have a movie where during the intro bubbles pop and it sounds similar, to a three year old, to his little sister's heartbeat. So now when I tell him I have ouchies in my tummy, he says "you have bubbles popping?"

We are excited to welcome our third little one home and hope that the Lord's plans will match up with our plans of waiting for a good long while before having anymore. We are anxious to see what a little girl will be like. Everyone says they are terrors and so much harder than boys. Hopefully with two older, calmer brothers, she will follow their example.

There is the update on us for now. We have been having so much fun this summer and are always going somewhere ( Library, Dr, Castle, Store) but I will really try to keep you in the loop!!


Emily said...

Hooray for another post. We are all getting so excited to welcome (finally) another girl to the Castle Crew.

You are such a sweetheart...and such a good lit'l mommy.

Bowler Family said...

Ooooo, men love their little girls! Ella has Brent so thoroughly manipulated its ridiculous! He lets her do what ever she wants.

Greg and Mel said...

Little girls aren't terrors..at least mine isn't ;)

Dirt huh? thats one i haven't heard before! thats actually pretty funny! I laughed out loud when you said you could stand in the wet shower and smell the grout...HA HA! awesome!

we miss playing halo with you guys, we should all get together at some point and have a fun party weekend!!

Fire -n- Ice said...

I'm glad you are all doing so well! You have such a cute little family and we can't wait to meet Mekyla! Thanks for another update!