Friday, September 4, 2009

Funny Friday

We took Wyatt to the pet store for the first time this week. When we walked in he was in love with the big birds in their cages, just inside the door. Well soon he looked over and saw the wall of puppies. He started running (as quick as Wyatt can run on his stubby little legs) towards the puppies. I didn't try to stop him since they are all behind a glass window, so he can't get them and they can't get him, safe right? Well I guess we haven't introduced Wyatt to glass on his level, because he didn't stop running and just face planted against the glass. The puppy jumped back and Wyatt was thrown backwards and landed on his diaper. Everyone looked at the sound of the thud and I just laughed like any caring mother. Wyatt looked around kind of confused but didn't cry. He had a nice red bump on his head the rest of the day and I chuckled each time I thought about him face planting into the puppy cage!

During the passing of the sacrament I try not to let the boys play with toys. I read books or we draw. Well this sunday I was drawing with Kevin and Nick was reading to Wyatt. I drew a puppy, because I knew Kevin would recognise it. When I got done with the drawing and showed Kevin he excitedly said,

"Look it's mommy!"

"No, it's a puppy" I answered.

"No, puppy, Mommy!"

"This looks like Mommy?"


I know the book Nick was reading wasn't funny, so I know exactly what he was laughing at!


Fire -n- Ice said...

Poor Wyatt! I'm sure he got over it quick though and loved seeing all the puppies! And maybe Kevin thinks you are a puppy because you are always popping out babies! :0) You just do it one at a time instead of several! Your boys are too cute!

Cinnamon said...

Cute stories!