Friday, September 25, 2009

Funny Friday

More like Ironic!

We went for our weekly check up and first thing when the Dr. walks in she says,

"You are the only woman I know that can be dilated to a 2, fall off a chair and still not go into labor."

I wasn't quite sure if that was a compliment or not :) She checked me and started saying,


Nick wondered, out loud, what does that mean? She walked quickly out of the room, came back in with her portable ultrasound thing and gooped me up. She confirmed her fears on screen, the baby was breech!! Our sweet little girl who had been fully engaged, was dilating me and trying to come early, was now un-engaged and breech.

"Now it makes sense" she said "If she had still been engaged when you fell, you would have already had this baby"

We talked options and this is our game plan. I have a little exercise I do 3 times a day, that is supposed to turn her back around. Wednesday the 30th we will go back in and if she is turned right, she will induce me before the little stinker can flip again. If she is still breech then she will send me to CMFM, where they will give me something to relax my uterus and they will try to manipulate her into facing the right way. If they succeed, we go straight to the hospital, if they don't, we come up with another game plan.

So that is what we are doing this week. Trying to flip this baby!! I have received a blessing and we are very confident that everything will turn out the way the Lord has planned and that we will bring home a wonderful, healthy little girl no matter when or how she comes!! Thank you all for your prayers and support, we love you all.

I told Kevin this week that we were going to Pa's house. He was very excited about it and started telling me what he was going to do at Pa's house.

"Kevin watch, George, Little Einsteins, Clifford red dog, Dragon tales, Mickey mouse clubhouse and then mama and Kevin watch Judge Judy"

I thought it was soo funny. My mom makes him let her have a turn after he's watched a few shows and needs to take a nap or go to bed. She says "grandma's turn" and turns on Judge Judy. I couldn't help laugh though when he included Judge Judy in his list of things he would watch while at Grandma's!!

Because of the first story, Nick has been feeling my tummy a lot to see if we can tell which way she's facing. Well the other day he kept rubbing and rubbing this small spot on my tummy. He would poke it then rub it, poke it some more and then just hold his hand on it. Finally after 2-3 minutes I asked, "Why are you playing with my belly button?" He was surprised and said "I thought it was the baby, I was trying to get it to move" Well I can tell you, it wasn't going anywhere. My belly button sticks out quite far, but I thought it was funny that he thought it was the baby :)


Fire -n- Ice said...

Good Luck next week! At this rate we can plan our babies for the same day! :0) Well... if you were willing to wait a few days or I was willing to do an amnio.. then we could have them the same day. Really I hope she gets flipped and you won't even have to be manipulated! :0) Although does Nick playing with your belly button count as some form of manipulation?

The Castle Carriage said...

Very cute boy and he does love Judge Judy.