Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Summary

I forgot to do a Saturday Summary last week, so here is two weeks in one.

My sister-in-law, Jenna, gave Nick and I a wonderful baby shower last Thursday. It was nice to have friends come over and visit and we got adorable clothes for our little girl. This is a picture of the cake she made for us, it was so cute I hated cutting into it, but it was very yummy!

Thank you to everyone that came, we love the gifts we received and thank you Jenna for hosting it :)

Saturday we went to the Moapa fields to watch Alex's first soccer game. Wyatt was good and sat in between G. Grandma Mac and I almost the whole game. We brought a ball for him and Kevin to kick around, but Wyatt just held them.

It was VERY hot outside if you weren't in the shade and Kevin didn't want to sit, so he was a big ball of sweat walking around, playing in the grass. He could never "see" Alex out on the field, but was right there on the side line by Pa telling Alex "good job" when he would come over for a drink.

Alex wasn't too sure about the whole thing when it first started but after the ball rolled into his foot once, he was sold. He ran around in the little clump like every other 5 yr old and was very proud of himself. We were proud too!

After the game we let the boys run around at the water park to cool off before we set out for home. Kevin's two loves are water and running. Wyatt just loves to be free!

Friday we decided to load the boys up and go for a ride. I have been feeling really good since I've been allowed to get out of bed and we decided that if it put me into labor, so be it. Kevin had a lot of fun helping Daddy drive.

We headed up and over the Mesa and decided to leave some footprints in the river.

The water felt sooo good. Several times Nick and I commented how nice it would be to just sit down in the water and relax. He and I didn't, but the boys sure enjoyed getting in the water.

Wyatt fell in mostly, but I think a couple "falls" were on purpose. Kevin loved splashing in the water and fishing with his pole. He kept telling me "I can't find my rowboat! I still catch fish"

There were some deep places. Nick did his best to scout ahead and find them for us. Wyatt's favorite places were the deep spots.

Most of the river was only a couple inches deep and perfect for our little stroll. We only walked about a quarter mile up stream then turned and walked back, but it was perfect.

All THREE boys showed me how fast they could run in the water!!

I have been doing my exercise to flip the baby, but we don't know how well it's working. We thought the other day that we had her flipped, maybe, but then after I did the exercise again I knew she was breech. I know when she is breech because she kicks a nerve down in my groin that sends really sharp pains up and down, that almost bring me to my knees!!! We are hoping she flips and stays all by herself like a good girl but we aren't counting on it. We are pretty sure we will be induced Thursday, so we are trying to get everything in order so that we are ready. Thank you all for your prayers, we just need a few more to help her flip and stay :)

Well that's all the news that is news from us. We are doing great here and really are blessed. We are grateful for everything that is going right with this pregnancy and for two wonderful boys that fill our lives and hearts with so much joy. Make sure you check back next week, because who knows what our Saturday Summary might entail!!!


The Castle Carriage said...

Very Fun! Wish we could have gone with, I love riding, but duty calls.

Emily said...

Jenna did do such a good job with your shower...everything was so nice.
Myra thoroughly enjoyed herself.

And things WILL work out...keep your heads UP. And we'll keep prayin' that that baby girl will keep her head DOWN!

Love you!