Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summary Saturday

My sister had her third baby boy on Monday, Septmber 7th. Kevin now shares his birthday with this little guy.

Poor little guy cried for the first 2 hours of his life. By the time I got their to visit he sounded like a hoarse donkey, we still loved on him though.

We had Kevin's birthday party planned for the 7th at 10:am but cancelled due to the new baby. Since we had family in from out of town that wouldn't be able to make it on another day we went ahead and had the party later that evening. Sorry to any of our friends who didn't get the cancelled/uncancelled message, it was hectic!!

We had 2 waterslides up. Kevin loves going down, especially when he and Daddy race!!

Nick and Nate did a little racing too!

The day was beautiful, however, by the time we got the party re-scheduled and going it was windy and kind of cold. Luckily Grandpa Castle was there with towels and a warm hug.

Daddy and Pa Jones cooked up some really good hamburgers and hotdogs, after they burnt the first batch pretty good. Kevin loves Cheeseburgers!
For Kevins cake this year I took round styrofoam, sprayed it with glue and put sprinkles all over it. Then we cut up tons of fruit and put it on kabobs with cherries on top and his big 3 candle in the middle.

It was windy and we had a little bit of trouble lighting the candle, but we got it and Kevin had fun blowing it out!

Here is a video of us singing.

Kevin got lots of presents and had a hard time going from one bag to another, he wanted to play with each thing he pulled out.

The one he was most excited about was his new Power Wheels (daddy was pretty excited too) He drove around and gave every kid there a ride.

Thank you everyone for cancelling and then coming last minute, and to those who didn't get the message, sorry. We wil have to have a waterslide get together just for fun!

The last little tid bit I have to share is about our sweet baby girl. Nick gave me a blessing and said that she was excited to join her family her on earth, and it's the truth. The last week I have been having braxten hicks every night. 7 minutes apart for 3-4 hours. I've never been alarmed or thought that we should go get checked. Well Wednesday around 1:pm I started having un-comfy contractions every 7 minutes apart. After 2 hours they went to 5 minutes apart, and 2 hours later they were 3 minutes apart. I didn't think I was in labor, but I thought my body was doing a little too much prep work. After talking to Nick and the nurse we decided to just go in and get checked, just to make sure my body wasn't prepping too soon.

One reason we were worried about my body prepping too soon is because 2 weeks ago at our last ultrasound, our sweet little girl was measuring 3 weeks early. So being 34 weeks, she may think she's 37 and want to come. The whole ride in my contractions were 2 minutes apart and un-comfy, but not hurting.

We got to the hospital, the nurse put us on a monitor, called Dr. Lewis, checked me then came in with the shocking news that I was going to be admitted for the night and they were going to give me magnesium to stop the contractions. We were FOR SURE that they would tell us we were over reacting and maybe give us some pills. I was dilated to a 2 and the Dr. didn't like the consistent contractions.

The next morning we thought we would get out, but nope, more contractions. We thought we would get to go home that night, but nope, more contractions and the baby's heart dropped a couple times. We were told we could leave the next morning for sure with pills, but the next morning the nurse told us that no such orders were left and that I couldn't be released until Dr. Lewis came and gave me the wave.

Finally around 3:pm she came and told us how much she wanted us to stay and didn't think that going home was a good idea. I was soo tired of that bed, being poked, nurses and that horrible medication that we told her i would be on strict bed rest and take the pills every 6 hours if she would just let us go home. I missed my boys so much and didn't want to just lay there for 10 more days.

We got the wave begrudgingly 44 hours after we arrived and we were out of there before she could change her mind! Nick has been the Bed rest Nazi from the moment we left the hospital and I haven't been feeling any contractions. We only have to keep her in for 10 more days and then her lungs should be developed enough for her to join her earthly family if she just can't wait any more.

Thank you everyone for your prayers and concern. We are doing great and I have a wonderful Mother, Mother in law and husband that are taking turns watching the boys and fetching me, my every request. That's our Saturday Summary, hope it wasn't too boring!


Emily said...

My goodness Bun...we were wondering how things went at the hospital with you. So much excitement. I am glad you are home and resting. Tell that Bed rest Nazi to keep up the good work! ;)

Love you all, Em

Fire -n- Ice said...

The party was fun! Glad we were able to attend. And we are SO glad that you were able to come home from the hospital, even if your doctor didn't want you too! :0) Good Luck!

Chelsey said...

I'm glad that everything is ok. It's pretty miserable being in the hospital for something like that, huh? How was the magnesium for you? I thought it was the most miserable I had ever been. YUCK. Can't wait to see pictures of that little girl!

Trent & Tara said...

I love the cake...very original and fun, & healthy. I might have to steal that one. ha ha. Hope your pregnancy is going well.