Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wandom Wednesday

I offered to take some newborn pictures for my sister, with the deal that she would take newborn pictures for me. I was really nervous because I had never taken newborn pictures before!!!! I looked up a ton of different poses and we spent several hours taking pictures. Here are my top 10, you can see more on her blog, but these are my favorites.

I'm really glad she liked them because while taking pictures, I tried to sit down on a chair and missed entirely. I fell flat on my butt, luckily not my tailbone, right on my very hard tile floor! Everyone was sure I would put myself into labor with the fall, but no labor yet :)


Fire -n- Ice said...

They are so cute! You did awesome! Good work!!! Maybe you can get your baby turned and then you can go into labor. I need to get my baby to drop... maybe we can work together! :0)

Meka said...

Wow those are soooo neat! I love the frame one, love love love it! Awesome.

The Castle Carriage said...

I love the pics, every one. Great Job Bunny!! Beautiful family Moki!