Friday, October 9, 2009

Funny Friday

This week Kevin has been a "puppy" almost everyday. He loves me to throw a ball and he goes to fetch it. It comes back in his mouth, drool and all. He says thing like "juice bark bark" or "yes bark bark". My Kevin puppy is very talented and today I was able to get it on video. So here is a funny video of my very talented Kevin puppy.

Wyatt not to be outdone has started giving puppy kisses. Mekyla has received the most licks, I mean puppy kisses this week. It saves us from having to bath her right? Unfortunately I don't have any pictures or video of him doing this because that stinker knows when I pull out the camera!!! But believe me it's cute and funny :)

1 comment:

Fire -n- Ice said...

I love it when he scratches his 'other ear'! Cute kid!!