Friday, October 16, 2009

Funny Friday

This week Wyatt has decided that he wants to be a puppy dog also. He crawls around the house following Kevin and barks, "wa wa" when Kevin does. He loves to bring me a ball in his mouth for me to throw, just like big brother and he hasn't quite figured out how to scratch his ear without falling over. He is one cute puppy!

When Kevin isn't a puppy he is a pirate. This week he has had his pirate sword with him at all times. Kevin closes one eye, scrunches his nose, grits his teeth and says "Aaarrrr Mateys". When I change the toilet paper he grabs the empty roll and says "it's my pirate telescope". I'm impressed he even knows what a telescope is let alone is "playing" with one.

These stories probably aren't very funny to you without pictures, but just writing about it makes me laugh!

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The Askeroth Family said...

Arent little boys hilarious? Caleb would get along great with your boys, he is always pretending too.

I don't think I have congratulated you on your baby girl yet. She is beautiful! They are fun arent they?