Monday, October 5, 2009

My Man Monday

I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know how much I love Nick. He is such a wonderful husband and father. During this entire pregnancy he has been so patient and attentive. He would just rub my feet at night without asking, get up in the middle of the night to microwave heat packs for me and would let me cry on his shoulder and whine, without rolling his eyes. He never complained about the extra work, extra weight or extra hormones.

I told him that I wanted to try and do an all natural birth. Even though he really didn't want to see me in that much pain, he said he would support me and talk me through it. He was AMAZING the whole time I was in labor. He left my side only twice. He told me how proud he was, how good I was doing, how much he loved me and that I could hold on a little longer. Even when I gave in an got my epidural he held my hand and told me I was the strongest woman he knew.

Since we've been home, Nick has been on top of everything. He brings me breakfast the moment I wake up, he refills my water, helps me with EVERYTHING, takes care of the boys, feeds and changes Mekyla, makes lunch, has the laundry done, keeps the house clean, plays with the boys, tells me he loves me and that I should take a nap, gets up with the baby in the night and doesn't complain.

He is an amazing man and I want to let everyone know it. I am so grateful for him. I love him so much and am proud to be his wife. I love to watch him enjoy his children. I love that he loves me enough to be Mom and Dad right now. I am proud of how hard he works and the wonderful life that we have.

Pretty much I just love him!


Emily said...

Hooray for wonderful hubbies...
I pity any gal who isn't blessed with such.

Hope you're feelin' chipper!

Ashley Comeau said...

Ewwwwweee, sappy! Jk! Kudos Nick! Way to give hubbies everywhere a good name!

Cinnamon said...

Hmmm. Could you forward this to Chad? He IS wonderful, of course, allready, but a good example (not to mention healthy competition) is always motivational.

Greg and Mel said...

good job nick!!