Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Summary

I missed last weeks "Saturday Summary" and we have been up to a lot!!
  1. Grandma Jones came to stay at our house for a couple days
  2. Kevin ripped half of his big toenail off from tripping
  3. We cheered Alex on at his last Soccer game
  4. We carved pumpkins at CCRC for Halloween
  5. We ate at the St John's Fiesta with Grandma Jones
  6. The kids enjoyed a good old fashioned cousin sleep over.
  7. Mekyla weighed in at 8.11lbs at her 2 week check up!
  8. We spent a couple hours at Chuckie Cheese, just playin
  9. We checked out Stahlie Farm in Washington and had a good 'ol time
  10. We went on a wagon ride with Grandma Castle
  11. The boys have been ba ha'in around our house for as long as the truck battery will last.
  12. We went on our 1st camping trip to Gold Butte

So that pretty much sums up our last 2 weeks. There are sooooo many pictures though that I put together a little video. That way you don't hurt your finger, scrolling through them all! Hope your last 2 weeks were full of family and fun.


The Castle Carriage said...

Very cute video, fun fun family memories! :0 :)

Emily said...

Cute pictures...ya cutie!

Glad you guys are doing well!!