Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wandom Wednesday

We took Mekyla in for her 2 day check-up yesterday. She was 7.17 pounds when she was born and she weighed in at 7.14 pounds. The "Dr in training" who came in first told me not to worry because that much weight loss was still okay. I'm thinking "what weight loss?" it's not even an ounce.

Her BR count was low and our real Dr. came in and said she was beautiful and perfectly healthy. We have been laying her in the sun anyways and she loves it. Kevin lays by her whenever she is on the floor, which isn't often.

Mekyla has a different look to her. We thought maybe it was because she was so swollen, but we are starting to think that she just looks different. For everyone who thought my boys looked "just like their daddy" I think Mekyla is going to show you what a true Jones looks like. Although in this picture she looks like Kevin as a baby, so maybe there is hope :)

We sure are in love with this little girl. She is such a good baby. She eats 3oz every 3 hours during the day and 3 oz every 4 hours during the night. It's her own schedule, I'm just enjoying it.
Couple other "Wandom Wednesday" facts. Wyatt says "Wa wa" every time wow wow wubbsy comes on. He is very smart. And Kevin has started bargaining at bed time. When he sees us put Wyatt down he runs into his room, grabs his pillow, blanket and binkie. He races to the couch and says, " Kevin lay on my pillow with Kevin blanket and Kevin pillow and watch a movie go night night. Pleeeeeeeeeease" He usually wins because it is too cute and he falls asleep before the movie is over.


Fire -n- Ice said...

She is beautiful! I'm glad everything is going well!

Emily said...

She DOES have a different look...especially in her eyes. What
a precious little gal you guys got!

Glad things are going grand.