Friday, November 13, 2009

Funny Friday

We were getting ready to go somewhere the other day when Kevin came running inside and said "The van aaaaalllllll clean" I had no idea what he was talking about and said "Okay Kev". He kept saying it and saying it so I asked him to show me. He led me out to the garage and pointed at the van saying proudly.."The van aaalllll clean" I then noticed the puddle on the floor and the wet spots on the van.
"Kevin did you pee pee on the van?"
"Yes. The van all clean"

I have no idea where he got the idea but it was hilarious!!! So be careful next time you see our van all clean and shiny it might be covered in pee!

Wyatt is becoming more and more vocal. anytime we are in the van and hit a bump he yells
"wow wow"

Wyatt copies everything that Kevin does. And Kevin has been pretending to be a puppy a lot so often you see Wyatt crawling on all fours with a ball in his mouth saying "wa wa" just like brother. He also comes and SPITS the ball into my lap for me to throw it for him.

We were getting ready for church last week when Kevin asked if he could take his cell phone in his pocket to church. I didn't care if that little cell phone got left in nursery so I said sure. As we were walking into the building Kevin stopped just inside the door and said,
"Hold on Mom. Hello? I go Pa castle. I at church, bye"
He then put the cell phone back in his pocket and walked into church. I'm not sure where he learned that because my phone stays in the car!!


Fire -n- Ice said...

Boys will be boys! And yours are just too cute!! Thanks for sharing!

The Castle Carriage said...

:) Mom