Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday Summary

This last week we've been pretty busy around here!

Mom, Grandma, Me Mekyla
We had an early family thanksgiving with my Mom's family. It was a lot of fun to see family, eat and take pictures.

We drove into Vegas to see Daddy for Halloween. There was a big Metro Trunk or Treat at his station. Tons of police cars were decorated, the K-9's were dressed up and it looked like a lot of fun. I say "looked" because we got there just as it stopped. It ended an hour and a half earlier than we thought :( Nick was bummed that the boys didn't get to see everything and I was bummed that he didn't get to show off his kids like everyone else did :( The boys got a ton of candy though, because everyone who came to meet "Jones' kids" gave them the extra candy from their bowls. Even if they only wore their costumes for a total of 15 minutes, I think they were the cutest little cowboys and Indian girl I've ever seen. And a BIG THANK YOU to Grandma Castle for making the costumes!

We've discover ed the hard way that if Kevin eats a cheeseburger after 7 o'clock at night (I know....why am I feeding his cheeseburgers that late) he wakes up in the night and "burps" as he calls it. He can eat anything late but cheeseburgers!

After "burping" though he feels pretty good and loves taking over Mommy's bed! This kid CAN NOT sleep straight! And it wouldn't be so bad, but I can't either, so it doesn't work out!!
My wonderful Hubby turned 27 this week too! We had his favorite dinner when he woke up, decorated his chair with balloons, gave him hand drawn birthday cards, sang him happy birthday and ate frozen banana cream pie! I had my Dad drop a cake off at his station so when Nick got there his squad wished him another happy birthday and helped him eat his Sponge Bob cupcakes :) Nick had no idea about the cupcakes and thought it was great.

Yes this picture was taken this week and yes I know it's November. My neighbor came over and said "aren't they cold?" and I said "I guess not!"......I didn't make them get in the water, they asked for their clothes off and jumped in. It was a warm day and they had a ton of fun, they splashed for a good 2 hours. I found dirt in their creases for days and multiple bathes later!!

To end the week, we had a costumes "fall birthday party" at the castle. The kids got to wear their costumes again and looked very cute. Mekyla was supposed to be an Indian but I thin she looks more like a little cowgirl, either way she was cute :)

We're having a lot of fun and enjoying the beautifully confused weather. Hope your week is full of fun stuff!


Meka said...

It sounds like Kevin's cheeseburger issues are kind of similar to your restaurant spaghetti issues! I love the cute costumes! What a bummer you were late, you could have come to our ward trunk or treat!

Fire -n- Ice said...

Looks like you had a fun week!! Cute costumes... your mom is awesome!