Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Summary

Last Saturday we headed over to Gpa Jones' work to see the Pomegranate Festival. Alex and Kevin were hoping for some rides, so Gpa Jones took them on his cart around the fairgrounds! It was their favorite part of the festival. Thanks Gpa Jones!!

At one of the booths they were giving away free sun glasses. Not just any sunglasses mind you......blues brother sunglasses.

What I thought was even funnier is that it was a pet booth.......did this lady just give my kids doggie blues brother glasses?

Whatever species they were meant for, the kids loved them and looked darn cute in them too!

Kevin is in love with "his baby kywa" and is always wanting to help out. The other day I was getting both the boys ready in their room and Mekyla was crying in her swing, in the kitchen. Kevin kept saying "Mom, baby kywa need you. Mom baby kywa crying she says she needs you." I just kept brushing it off, trying to just get them dressed so we could get out the door. When I got Kevin dressed and turned my attention to Wyatt Kevin left. Suddenly Mekyla stopped crying, I didn't think much of it because she doesn't ever cry long. I was just getting Wyatt's shoes on when something caught my eye. I looked up to see Kevin carrying Mekyla!!!! Her cheek was against his chest and he had his arms wrapped around her under her arms. She was happy and looking around, he was panting and I had a heart attack. I jumped up and grabbed her while Kevin said "her is heavy!"
"Kevin, don't pick up baby kyla"
"Mom, her crying she says she needs you"
"I know she needs me, but don't pick up the baby okay?"
"Okay, but she needs you. Baby kywa no cry Mom"
I am soo grateful that she wasn't too heavy and that he didn't drop her on the tile floor. Kevin is a big boy and a big helper but sometimes he helps too much!!

Monday morning bright and early i woke up, kissed my sleeping babies and left to go freeze my butt off. Yes window painting season has started and I am one of the 3 painters this year. Mom, Moki and I traveled up to Richfield and painted our way back home.

While I was freezing, Nick had the week off and watched the kids. He loves being "Mister Mom" and took the kids to the Veterans parade. Kevin didn't get to go because his Gpa Castle didn't get him ready on time!!

Nick said that when they got there Wyatt spied a lady with a bag of Cheetos. At first he just begged for a couple, Pretty soon he scooted himself right next to her and just started grabbing them out of the bag himself! That boy is ALWAYS begging food, even if he's just eaten. As soon as the candy started flying he was on it like white on rice. That boy LOVES candy!! Yes his shirt says "Chocolate gooooood" Nick said Wyatt had a great time.

I brought back a ton of little gifts for my kids and I brought Nick back a couple turtles to throw in our tank that has been empty for over a year! He was surprised and thrilled.

All 3 boys were captivated for over an hour, just sitting/standing there watching the turtles move. Nick already has plans for a turtle house in the backyard.

Mom, Moki and I made it back from our LONG painting trip. We get a couple days off and then we are back at it. Since Moki and I just had babies and we have a lot of kids between us 2 that need to be watched, we are splitting the work. Moki will paint Friday, Saturday and Monday. I paint Tuesday-Thursday. Our hubbys can watch the kids and we won't wear ourselves out. Wish us luck and if you want your windows painted call us :)

That's our week, hope yours was warm and colorful!


Fire -n- Ice said...

Glad your trip went well and that Nick survived the week aone with the kids! :o) I think it's awesome that Kevin picked up Mekyla... scary... but what a good helper! Rylan is my helper... HE tried to pick up Madi today. I'm glad I was standing right there! :o)

The Castle Carriage said...

That is a funny bag lady picture of me! You gals look cute! :)