Thursday, February 4, 2010

Funny Friday

Kevin has started talking so much! He is always saying or singing something.

While playing today he all of the sudden started saying
"come play Nick, come play"
We weren't quite sure if we heard him right so we asked him to repeat it and again he said,
"come play nick, come play".
I asked him "who's nick"?
Kevin looked at me like I was a dork and pointed saying, "it's daddy"
He hears his cousins say Uncle Nick all the time and we are assuming that is how he figured it out, because we haven't taught him that. When we asked him what my name was he looked around and then said, "uuummmmm, an elephant"
I love you too Kev :)

Kevin and Daddy doing their "cool walk"

1 comment:

Meka said...

Haha how cute that he called him Nick. I'm sure he is like me and thinks elephants are the best animals ever and that is why he said that was your name!