Monday, February 1, 2010

My Man Monday

This year Nick was in charge of our anniversary. After a lot of thought, scaring my Mom with his idea and then changing everything last minute, we ended up on Mt. Charleston.

We stayed at the lodge which was buried in snow.
We had family pictures taken her a couple years ago. It was too deep to climb in there this year.
Our room had a walk out patio with chairs, but they were a little too ........cold to sit on.
Here's a picture of Nick just because I think he's so dang cute and thoughtful :)
We were the last room, the picture doesn't do it justice but it looked really cool to see all the orange railings against the white snow.
After staying at the lodge we woke up early and went skiing!
I have only been 1 other time, but we had a lot of fun. All the trees were covered in snow. Most of them didn't have piles of snow on the branches but each needle had frozen, it was amazing.
It was really a warm day and we ended up stripping everything but a shirt and our coats. We did enjoy some hot cocoa just because that's what you do in the snow.
This picture is before we stripped all the layers and before nick or I had biffed it :)
The only bad thing about Mt. Charleston is that they have the "bunny hill" and then extreme hills. I tried the extreme hill, hurt my knee, was laughed at by everyone because I was going so slow and vowed not to do it gain. Nick loved the extreme hill but didn't want to leave me alone, so he was very sweet and stayed on the bunny hill with me all day.
We made funny videos and just enjoyed being together. Happy 5th Anniversary to us and Thank you Nick for the really fun weekend!


Fire -n- Ice said...

Happy Anniversary! It sounds like you had a lot of fun! I know you made Nate jealous, now he wants to go skiing! At least it's something I enjoy doing also! :O)

Cinnamon said...

You guys skiing down the kill in nothing but your shirts and that is a memorable way to spend your anniversary, ha ha.