Monday, February 22, 2010

My Man Monday!

Friday, Nick got a bug in him and wanted to get some nice dirt and go buy a couple flowers to put in our barren flower bed. We went to G&G Jones' for the dirt and our local "nursery" for some flowers. 8 pathetic pansies were the only thing available (or LAST years flowers that looked dead!) I am all about supporting the local businesses but this was really sad!!

Being in a great mood and excited to put something in the great dirt Nick suggested town. I'm always game so we loaded up and left! We stopped by a friendly Home Depot and hurried into their flower section.

Kevin kept telling us ALL day that when we got to the flower store he wanted to pick out a RED Flower. This one was laying on the ground so I handed it to him. He sniffed it and said "it smells like blue flower, yuck!"

We get half the flowers we wanted and loaded them in the van. Luckily it's been beautiful weather because the flowers were SO strong we had to roll down the windows!! The smell was great, just overwhelming.

Wyatt looked at the flowers but he preferred playing under them :) What a boy!

Here is our van after getting all our flowers!! This looking back towards the boys :) The daisy trees are sitting on something in the trunk, leaning over the bots seats. Poor Wyatt got dirt dumped on him every time we went over a bump!!

It was too late to start planting by the time we got home, so first thing the next morning Nick was up and working outside. I woke up and he was gone so when the boys got up I got them dressed and sent them outside too.

They had so much fun helping daddy and digging in the dirt. I had to drag them inside for naps, but I had to strip then before they could even set foot inside :) Thanks grandma Jones for helping out!

Thank you babe for the flowers and all your hard work! Best birthday this year :)

Kevin's beautiful RED flowers!!
I just realized that I didn't get a before and after shot.......I will take some "afters" this week and post them on our Saturday Summary!


Emily said...

How fun is that! I'll have to do a drive-by-viewing!;)

I love your adorable lit'l family!

Fire -n- Ice said...

Yay for pretty yards! Poor boys stuck in the back of your van though! :O) At least you only live an hour away! Hehe!