Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Summary

Nothing much happened this week. Mekyla has had a bad cold. Her nose gets stuffy at night and she chokes on, then coughs up tons of mucus. She is a good baby though and doesn't even cry when we suction out her nose with those bulb things!!

Wyatt is another story. He hasn't been feelings good either but he does nothing but cry and yell "NO". We are trying to be patient but he and I have been spending most of our time on opposite sides of his bedroom door, with him crying and me asking if he's done and can be nice. Wyatt would be in heaven if Daddy could hold him 24/7. I don't think he'd make a peep, but since Daddy can't, peeps are the least of his sounds!!!

I was disappointed looking over this weeks pictures that I took only 15. That is how many some people take in a month but that less then I normally take in a day!! I've been so busy sewing and cold fighting I forgot to capture the moments. I WILL do better this week.

For those of you who missed my last post about this, I will re-cap. My friends had been trying for about 6 years to get pregnant to no avail. They were able to adopt last February and can submit their papers again this month to try for another baby. She started a Baby Boutique to help pay for the adoption fees because it costs SO much. As a birthday gift to her little girl Eden I donated 12 Feltsters to be given away from her Boutique. She makes really cute stuff. Stop by and order and receive a free Feltster. Most of us figure out how to pay for a baby after they come, she has to have to the money before she can get her baby.

Grandma and Pa Castle stopped by this week to decorate our house with Love.

Grandma marked a heart on the window and Kevin had SO much fun painting it. Grandma also helped him sponge on other hearts and butterflies.

Pa coached him on how to stay in the lines and then razored the spots where he "fell off the track"

Grandma put some finishing touches on Kevin's window and he was so proud. He looks at it from inside and says "I paint the heart Mom, I paint it"

Thank you Grandma and Pa Castle for the Love. Valentines here we come!

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