Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday Summary

This week we stopped by "Jones' Cave" to wish her a happy Birthday. Kevin practiced saying "Surprise Jones! Happy Birthday" all the way there. However, when we got there I wouldn't let him play with all the other kids so he was being grumpy and didn't say it.

The boys ate "school lunch" and loved playing in "Jones' Cave". I think we might start doing this once a month, just for fun.

After eating spaghettios this week Wyatt looked a lot like an Umpa Lumpa. If his hair had been green I would have been seriously worried!! If you don't get Wyatt out of his highchair as soon as he is done, then he tips the plate/bowl over and balances it on his head.

He was seriously COVERED in spaghettios. Even with a bath I thought he would be stained orange for a week!

We went to the Library this week too, but I didn't get any pictures. Kevin did read me a funny story that I will post later.

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