Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Summary

We haven't been up to much this week. I had a photo shoot and several errands in town that took a lot of time. So unfortunately that kept me from doing things with the kids. I need to learn to schedule my time better! Luckily my kids are so good and didn't complain at all.

I wasn't too busy to notice though that almost every time I lay Mekyla on her tummy for "dreaded" tummy time......

She would be like this when I looked at her again. I though maybe she was falling over so I watched her and by joe she rolls like a pro when she wants. Tummy time has become extinct this week because she now knows how to get out of it!! She is only 4 months, she shouldn't roll yet right? She can't grow this fast!!

While I was editing photos this week the boys were playing in the toy room (where my computer sits) and they were being really good. All of the sudden Wyatt starts screaming and Kevin starts yelling so I turn around to find Kevin "daring" to take something from Wyatt's bucket!!!
The room had been all picked up only 5 minutes prior, but that's what toy rooms are for right?

So that's it for us, hope you have a wonderful week!


Fire -n- Ice said...

Oh the joy of messes! Just be grateful that is your mess and not what you saw on my blog earlier this week! Oh... Madison rolls over too. So I hope Mekyla isn't too young! :O)

The Castle Carriage said...

I have never seen those toys picked up? lol Wait that could be my toy buckets too!