Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Summary

Nick worked on getting my "birthday gift" finished. It isn't actually finished yet because we decided we needed more flowers!!

I found out that when Mekyla wants to take a nap, she does.

I feel bad. I have been doing several photo shoots and have been neglecting taking pictures of my kids!!! I think I said this last week, but it's true again this week. I'm gonna do better, I'm gonna do better!

For those of you who don't Facebook. I've done 3 or 4 new Photo Shoots since I last told ya to 'check out' my blog. This last Tuesday i got to take my brother and sister-in-laws pictures. She is sooo beautiful and Nate is good looking too, in a twin brother sort of way ;) Check out my Photography Blog for my latest pictures!

After the photo shoot and dinner, Kevin decided he wanted to go to Caiden's house and sleep over. I tried explaining every way I could think of that Mommy and Daddy wouldn't be there and he had to go to sleep. He insisted he wanted to go, so off he went and actually ASKED to sleep downstairs by himself in the room we stay in when we're there! I was surprised, I was such......I AM such a wimp at sleep overs. I get homesick and cry. I'm very proud of Kevin, but so not ready for him to be this grown-up!!


Greg and Mel said...

cute flowers! i have tried planting flowers every spring but they all die within a week. I'm cursed!!

Fire -n- Ice said...

You're flower garden is beautiful! Good work you guys! Kevin is an awesome little man! He may be growing up but just know that you are doing a great job as he does!

Bonnie Walker said...

I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am. Kevin was an awesome man. Please let me know if there is anything I can do!

Amanda Monk said...

I too want to express my deepest sorrow to you and especially your husbands family. When we lost (our nephew) Michael did you know Kevin was thereat the hospital until Michael passed? My husband Tommy has had the pleasure of working with Keven since Michaels death. My husband again shed many tears this day for a man he admired very much.To you personally-I hope you have streghnth to help your husband through this rough time. I'm ashamed to say I felt inadiquite when it came to comfortaing mine these past 9 months. I hope it's better for you and him. With love- Amanda Monk

Emily said...

Your yard looks so happy! I hope you guys know how much we love you!

Emily said...

You are so amazing. I love your craft just won't let me comment on it. My computer is a comment snob... i guess?!

Such cute stuff from such cute girls!