Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wandom Wednesday

  1. When Mekyla gets mad she shakes her head back and forth really fast like she is saying no!
  2. Wyatt throws toys for no reason. He picks one up looks for a target and chucks it!!
  3. Wyatt says sooo many words. "come on" "mine" "brother" "baby" "more" "no" "yes" and many many more!
  4. Kevin has a pile of things in his room that he wants to show Daddy when he gets home from "work" (arkansas)
  5. Mekyla ate vanilla wafers (cheaper then biter bisquits) and LOVED them!
  6. I have caught Kevin "reading" in his bed at almost every nap and bed time this week.
  7. Misc. songs I've had stuck in my head this week:
"temporary home" by Carrie Underwood
"oh yeah you're gone" by Brad Paisley
"no" by Brad Paisley

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