Friday, March 26, 2010

Funny Friday

The other day Nick made cookies to take Home teaching. They were all sitting on the cooling rack when he gave each of the boys one and gave me one. We were talking in the computer room for 2-3 minutes when I got up to grab a drink.

"Are you going to grab another one of my awesome cookies?"

"You mean the only one left? Nope you can have it for all your hard work."

Nick rushes over and looks at the cooling rack in disbelief. All except one lone cookie from the second batch was gone!

Our boy who turns down sweet 9times out of 10 had scarfed down 7 cookies in about 2-3 minutes!! We were both shocked and then just laughed and laughed. It was so out of character for him. Wyatt pointed up to the cookie but Nick wouldn't let him have the last one because his poor home teaching families only got 5 cookies per bag because we had to split up what was left.

This was Kevin, later, after I told him he had to ask before he took cookies off the counter. Little stinker, but so cute!

Mekyla was crying the other day on the floor. I was cleaning up Wyatt so i could put him down for a nap. I heard Kevin talking to her, which he does every time she cries, and she calmed down. I took my time since she was calm and after laying Wyatt down went to get Kevin. He was laying on the floor holding her hand and making sure her binky stayed in. When I told him it was time for nigh nights he got up really slow and tip toed out of the room. He then shut the door quietly and whispered, "Mom be quiet, baby Kyla is so sleepy"

Kevin is such a good big brother. I couldn't help chuckle though as I watched him tip toe out of the room!


Greg and Mel said...

Oh how sweet!! Kevin is such a good big brother!! Your kids are so dang cute!!!

Emily said...

Such cuties!! Your pictures are amazing...and so are YOU!