Monday, March 22, 2010

My Man Monday

I am back to blogging again. I didn't blog because of time, not enough sleep and because I wasn't ready to blog about Kevin's passing. I couldn't find the right words, but I didn't want to just skip over. It was a very important moment to our family and should be documented in our "family journal". I still couldn't find the right words, but I feel like sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

Anyways, this week "My Man" (who looks great in or OUT of uniform!) made my year by installing a fence around our back yard!!!! I am SO happy! I have such a hard time letting my boys play out back without me watching, so we don't go out very much. My boys would live outside if I would let them and staying inside makes them stir crazy and crazy.

I had him close his mouth so you could see the black lines on either side of his mouth. It looks like clown make-up to me :)

My Dad came over and brought his 4-wheeler to stretch the fence good and tight. And let me tell you this fence is GOOD and TIGHT!! The bar it's connected to is bending slightly, but the fence will stretch and be perfect in about a year :)

I thought Dad could come, help him stretch it and then leave so he could get some things done at his own house. Nope! Once you stretch you have to tie and secure and cut and pound........needless to say he ended up staying the whole day.

It was all worth it though. The boys love to go outside anytime they ask and I love being able to send them out back and not have to worry if they have wandered to the front and are playing by the road!

Thank you to My Man for buying and installing my awesome fence! I love it!!

A BIG Thank you to my Dad for giving up your friday to help us get it installed. Nick said you did 90% of the work and I believe him :) So Thank you!

And a HUGE Thank you to my Mom who helped get me back on my feet, held the baby so I could feel useful and get something done, borrowed us Dad, gave up her own projects and even bought us lunch! You're the best :)


Anonymous said...

How fun! That will be a life saver for you I'm sure!

Emily said...

SUPER! Let the backyard games begin!!

Fire -n- Ice said...

Yay! Kids playing outside while you are inside doing what needs to be done is WONDERFUL! Have Fun! Oh... and Nate is still better looking! ;)

Lauren said...

Hooray for fencing!! Its worth every penny. :)