Monday, March 29, 2010

My Man Monday

These pictures are a couple weeks old but I wanted to get them on here.

Nick used this small beast to flatten our back yard to prep it for the fence and eventually sand and grass.......eventually.

He had a lot of fun driving it around. Kevin loved riding around on Daddy's lap. This was the Friday before Nick's Dad died. I kept teasing him, "So how many HOURS ago do you think your Dad would have had this done? Your Dad is going to come check your work next week and grimace." Truthfully I think he would have been proud of how good it turned out, but he would have laughed when he found out how long it took him :)

Isn't this picture just so adorable? I get teary when I think about Nick and Nate playing on their Daddy's tractor, just "helping" him work.

All in all it was a great day, great company, great work and a great husband!

I know you guys hate My Man Mondays, but you don't have to read them!

I just realized that the last 3 posts were "saved" and not "posted". So scroll down and read "sunday snapshots, saturday summary and funny fridays"

1 comment:

Emily said...

What do you mean we hate My Man Mondays??

Who could hate them?! I suppose there are some who do.

But listen up...we know that every minute with your man isn't peaches and cream, but you choose to post about the good times...and focus on the positive.

I say more power to you, sista...
Nick is lucky to have ya!

Keep right on postin'!